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Update & Clarification

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Went to my urologist/surgeon/oncologist (jack of all trades) for first blood tests 4 months following my partial open nephrectomy and got clarification on my TNM score:  T1a N0 M0   Grade 3.    When he told me this in the hospital, my befuddled mind thought he said stage 3.   Boring I know, but shoot, I'll take 1 and be thankful!   My baseline CT with and without contrast is scheduled for August which is 7 months post surgery which seems to be tracking with the NCCN guidelines.   Thank you all for the continuing education I'm receiving from you guys and will continue to monitor this board and pray for each of you.  

(welcome your comments and suggestions as always) 



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Yes, stage 1 sure beats stage 3. They're on top of it with the follow up so all is good!

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....happy for you, that you misunderstood tho.  That's awesome news!!  I'm sure you're elated.


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Believe it or not, on this site, boring is as good as it gets. Everyone dreams of getting boring results.

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 Stage 1 is a great news much better than stage 3 that makes things look grade in your favor.


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