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Further update on Jeff (Janderson1964)

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Jeff asked me to let you guys know that he is still in the fight.  His pain is under control and he has asked his doctor to put him back on Lonsurf.

He tried this chemo before, but only for one round in the last three months, so giving it another shot makes sense.

Please send your prayers, good vibes, hope, and whatever else ya' got to our pal.

Lots of love coming your way from all of us, Jeff.

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Keep fighting, Jeff

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My thoughts and prayers are always with you Jeff.   

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Jeff has allot of fight in him. Allot of good things to fight for. He is in the hospital at the moment, and probably itching to get out and back to the comfort of his wife and home. He has my prayers for sure. 


Cathleen Mary
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Jeff, you are very much in my heart and prayer.  Each of us can tell a story of how you have been here for us. Now, we are here for you.

be gentle with yourself.


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I am doing much better. The pain has gone from a constant 10 to in the range of 1 to3. I do laps all day around the hospital floor and getting my will to fight back. All my organs are functioning normal and my vitals signs are always good. I told my oncologist I want to keep doing Lonsurf considering I only had one round of chemo in the 3 1/2 months in between scan. Hardly enough info to determine whether the Lonsurf was working or not.

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Happy you got that pain under control.  Wishing you the best outcome with Lonsurf!

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I wish you the best.  I always watch your posts as you seem to have the most similar to mine.  I did a few rounds of Lonsurf most recently and meet with my oncologist on Friday before quitting Lonsurf.  It's killing me.  I feel nauseous every day and am vomiting every day.  Did Folfox, Avastin, Folfiri, SIRT, lonsurf.  I'm supposed to look in fb1 or something like that before I just stop taking everything.  I'm in a lot of pain all day and night and am managing with pain pills and patches.

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Best of luck with the new chemo regimen. I hope it works and doesn't give you any grief. Glad to hear that you're felling better!


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10 to 3 is excellent news.  Keep pushing back Jeff!  Let's get this out of your body for good!


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Really happy the pain is under control and you're doing better.  I hope the new chemo knocks it out.  Hang in there. Miss your posts.  Traci

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Thanks for posting Jeff's update!

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I'm glad you're back in the fight. My brother is on Lonsurf now, too, so let me know how it goes. He has only had 1 round so far.

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I read more here than post, but that doesn't mean I am not following almost each and every one of you. Especially those that I have built a closer relationship over this past 7 years....yes, it's been 7 years already....sometimes it is hard to believe that. I will keep you in my thoughts, and I hope this new chemo will work!!! Be strong, keep on fighting!!!! We need you here! :)

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