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Unexpected visit from NED today!!

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So yesterday, Mothers Day I woke up with a UTI, visible blood, etc. Although I was started on antibiotics pretty quickly, it was enough to send me into a total emotional meltdown because I've also been experiencing intermittent left flank pain. So today I followed up with my PCP, explained my anxieties & thankfully she sent me for labs & an abd/pelvic CT with & without contrast. 

Happy to share the great news! Whew! 

My Mother's Day wasn't too bad either, the kids & grandkids came by & we had some good laughs here & there too. A few weeks ago I was able to travel to California to see my mom. She's end-stage Alzheimer's, has been non-verbal for the last couple of years & doesn't recognize anyone. As I was leaving I told her I'd see her next time I was able to come out & that I love her. She very simply responded, "I know"!!  WHAT?? Coincident? Of course we have no clue but the PollyAnna in me chooses to think I somehow broke through & she had a lucid moment in time. 

Another bright spot in my day. 

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Very happy for your NED news, thanks for sharing it.

I'm sorry for what your mom is going through, life is cruel sometimes, the bright side is she has you by herself.

Happy mother's day to you and all lovely moms of our board


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Glad they did the tests and you are ok. And, that moment with your mom: I believe in these small miracles. How lucky you were to get that little moment. 

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Must have been scary seeing the blood. So glad everything is ok. And yes, your mom most likely had a lucid episode. No one is "Alzheimer" all the time. Also glad you broke through to her.

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Congrats on unexpected NED!!! I also think your mom had understood you!

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What a group we are. Happy to have a UTI. :)


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May it continue indefinetly. 

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So glad that it was just an unexpected - but welcome - visit from Uncle Ned!!

Your Mother's Day sounded perfect!

I feel for you with your mom.....believe it was a breakthrough. For sure!! My dad had alzheimer's too. I went to see him twice daily. He didn't know who I was but he recognized me as "the dutch girl with the round face". That was good enough for me!



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Great news sorry about your mothers trials but I am happy for you. I hope Uncle Ned packed a very large bag and plans on staying with you for many years to come.


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I can't thank you all enough for the encouragement and celebration.  I wish I could kiss each of you!!  


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you've already had too much experience with this stuff. So glad you don't have to be in any panic. Feel great and ROCK ON!!!

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Son of a gun!  Late this afternoon my doctor's office called, the physician assistant I saw the other day put me on the wrong antibiotic!!  No wonder I've been feeling crappy.  So, new antibiotics and hopeful tomorrow I'll be feeling lots better....especially since I leave first thing in the morning with a couple of friends on a road trip to Nashville.  None of us have ever been there and looking forward to it.


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Neil Young song :)   have a great trip.  


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Congrats on NED and have a great time on your Nashville trip!

              Love and prayers for good health for us all!


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What a wonderful state!  Loved every bit of my stay, from Honky-Tonking and the Grand Ole Opry to the historical facts we learned regarding the Battle of Franklin. 

I need to go back, soon.  :-)


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