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Penile implant for ED after non-nerve sparing prostectomy

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Two Doctors at MD Anderson are recommending I strongly consider a penile implant for ED resulting from non-nerve sparing radical prostectomy. Surgery was approximately 18 months ago. I have tried shots, vacuum and even Viagra (just in case some nerves had remained). These were not successful. I am 62 years old and my health is fairly good (PSA remains non-detectable). I feel blessed, but I want to get a reasonable sex life back for me and my wife. I would appreciate any feedback you may have regarding implants. Are you happy you went that direction? Pros and cons? Problems? Recommendations? How long before you could go back to work ( I have a desk job). A couple of other questions that may seem silly, but are a concern to me: What did you tell people at work as to the reason you were going to be out (for the procedure)? Also, I travel for business some. Does an implant set off an alarm at an airport, courthouse, etc... . Fixing ED is the overwhelming priority, but I want to consider as many issues as I can, before making a decision. Thanks in advance for your feedback and comments. -BRC.


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You may read the stories or contact PCa survivour at the Healingwell forum at this link;


However, I wonder if you have tried masturbation apart of the pills. ED after PCa radical surgery is expected but one may manage to recover the function partially, as similar tetraplegic cases of lost limbs action from accidents. Our nerves network can use different "routes" to get down those brain signals "orders" to the place we want to see in action. We must be mentally strong believers and engage in rehabilitation processes.

I had radical prostatectomy (at the age of 50) but fortunately my brain managed to find a separate nerve route to get me out of total ED. It took me several months of action, with and without “tools”.




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Thanks VG. Good information on the link. I want to look at all the options before making decision.

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