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Sorry this is a bit off topic but ...

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It has been a good long while since I've posted anything here. Actually for the past few weeks I didn't even think to come read the latest posts like I used to do on a daily basis. All the more reason I feel bad for even considering to post this, but I've got no other place to put forward this request. Can someone tell me if I'm sick in the head for hating to go to the doctor? Not because I hate going to the doctor itself but because I feel like an idiot for wasting their time and my money, what little I have. Right after my cancer was found I went to see my doctor all the time for any little thing that I thought was 'obviously' a sign of worse things. Then after my cancer was removed I began to feel really foolish for having done that. Since then I simply chalk up those little types of things to just getting older. Perhaps that was a convenient state of denial, but now some things are changing about my body that I'm not so sure about. I really don't want to waste the doctor's time with this unless I know for certain I should get checked out. Lately I've been getting petechiae, two distinct varieties in fact. Solitary bright red ones that are persistent and brownish purplish clusters of faint ones that fade away after a few days like a bruise. The bright red ones are popping up all over my body. The temporary ones are mainly popping up on my shoulders and abdomen. Are these normal things people deal with when they get older? I'm actually fairly close to just saying its probably normal but there are a couple other things happening that complicate this reasoning. My body temperature is running consistently lower than I ever remember it being. It used to typically be around 98.6 F +/- a couple tenths. For the past couple months its been around 97 F or lower.  I don't feel particularly bad so maybe I just have a new normal? I don't know. The latest thing that has happened is I've clearly broken a toe and I have no memory of what I did to break it. I didn't have the slightest pain from it until about 2 days after I discovered it, and that's all I can say about the pain itself now, it is very slight, easily handled with ibuprofen. Are these things that would make you go to the doctor? The last time I went because I was having muscle and joint aches and he took x-rays and blood tests that all showed I was fine, and that made me feel really bad for wasting his time and my money. I don't want to make that mistake again.

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I don’t think petechiae are normal sign of aging. It could have many causes including bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. Some medications could cause it as well such as blood thinners or anti-inflammatory meds. You said you're taking Ibuprofen for your toe. If the timing coincides it could even that be doing it. In any case, I would go see a doctor about it. It’s not something I’d pass off as part of the aging process.  


Personally, I hate going to doctors not because I don’t want to waste their time, it’s their job after all that they get very well paid for, but because I’m sick of being sent for tests and them possibly “finding” things. I've developed doctor phobia after this whole cancer thing. But if something really concerned me I’d go and the last thing I’d worry about is their time.


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I hate going to the doctors just because I see them so much, and sometimes I do feel like I am wasting their time and mine with things.  On the other hand Cancer plays such a mind game with you it is better in my opinion to check out anything abnormal rather than wait until it gets bad and find out it you should have gone in.   I feel your pain and anxiety it comes with the disease unfortunately.



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As the result of a chest xray and ct scan of chest my oncologist told me on Friday tbat l have a fractured left 8th rib.  This did not show up 3 months ago and l have not fallen, been in a car accident or bad cough.  He has now sceduled a body scan and said fractures are an alert that kidney cancer could have metastasized to the bones.  

Does anyone have insight or knowledge of this and should l have reason to be concerned.  The bone scan is scheduled for next week.

Thanks for any information provided.



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my husband had a bone scan light up on his left 8th rib; follow-ups didn't show this and he had no pain. After some time, he had discomfort, an MRI was done which focused on the rib and he had a few conventional radiation treatments. Gone! The doc said it had not been a big deal and only zapped it because of the discomfort.


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I think that no one with cancer in anamnesis should feel bad about checking their health with docs. You had cancer, no wonder you get worried easily. It is me, hypochondriac without cancer, who should be ashamed (and I am)...

About fractures - my mom, who never had cancer, had broken a leg once, and couldn't understand how she managed to do that. She was walking 2 weeks around with broken leg, feeling only slightest twinges of pain. So these things do happen...

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Hey do not feel badly we're here for you. I got those spots when I was pregnant and most just went away, leaving a few behind. I also have them on my arm. Its no problem to me.

I would consult your primary doc who can order your xray. I also broke a bone in my foot that was missed at first. Got no boot, no treatment, walked on it, had no car. It took forever to heal. A year later the same bone in the other foot fractures ( a stress fracture) Now the xray tech knew what angle to pick up the fracture. Eventually healed. Having to walk on it (again sitll no car) took longer to heal.

SEE YOUR PRIMARY ...let him/her reassure you.

Sending you healing vibes ~

Hugs, Jan


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You may have an allergy to the pain reliever.  I haven't heard of it with ibuprofen; but my son cannot take aspirin because he does develop petechia.  We found that out when he was about 7 and broke a bone in his little one.

The ER doc taped it to the next toe and said to not let him" run around."  When I picked him up after school the next day, they were playing chase!!  It healed in about 6 weeks.

If you are as concerned as you seem, call and schedule an appointment.


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Even if it reduces your anxiety, it's worth it. I wouldn't worry at all about the doctor's time. He gets paid and it's what he does. I understand you may also worry about your time and money, but it seems you are worrying about it. If you're worrying about it, it's important. You have reasons to be worried. They are valid. What point is money if you're health and peace of mind are messed up?

Best to you,


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I am on warfarin for a blood clot disorder and when my INR is low, I get petechia along with bruises that came from no where.  I agree that you should have this checked out.  I also am always at the doctor for chemo or some other issue and I understand where you're coming from, but you never know when one thing may have a connection with another.  Mine started out with AFIB and ended up having cancer surgery and now chemo.  Peace of mind means a lot.  I'm 67 and I blamed a lot of mine on aging also, which wasn't the fact.  Please check it out and let us know.  

Take care of yourself.


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See mine a lot, everyone gets a bit paranoid when cancer is around and think the Docs do too. Ever since I had Il2 whenever I go to the Surgery they schedule me first after lunch, and then shepherd me to a private room. When I protested at this 'special treatment' the Doc said "there's nothing wrong with them, just a few sniffles. You have a good reason to be here." Whenever I phone everyone is most solicitous about my welfare.

Go see your doc. They want to see you.

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