That time again!

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Since I've been back, I have been missing some faces.  Time for another "Roll Call"!  This time for everyone on all the "Below the Belt Cancers" and anyone just trolling the posts.  I am "here" and know of one "oldtimer " who is quite well...about 6 years now.  I am 5 1/2 years out of chemo and still NED, thank God!  If you know of anyone who is ok, but had rather not be mentioned, just say "and another survivor"  Love, Debra



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    Roll Call

    Stage 3. 3c UPSC. Two years three months NED. Feeling great if we don't call spinal stenosis and degenerative disc desease a pain. Literally. Cortisone shot next week. Hope it does something. My husband is also dancing with NED so we can do the happy dance together.


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    Still in treatment. Praying

    Still in treatment. Praying for NED.

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    I'm here. Dancing with NED.

    I'm here. Dancing with NED. Living life every day.

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    Stage 3A UPSC.  My

    Stage 3A UPSC.  My hysterectomy was almost 2 years ago on 5/19/14.  I have a CT scan coming up at the end of May.  Praying for continued NED.


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    Eldri here - diagnosed in

    Eldri here - diagnosed in August 2015 - UPSC, Stage II, total hysterectomy, three chemos and NED since surgery on September 30, 2015 which was seven months yesterday!!  I'm still dealing with some side effects of the chemo but feeling better everyday and my physical therapist agrees. 

    i also made contact with "shortmarge" who was diagnosed with UPSC in September 2008 and after 7 1/2 years she's stll has NED and told me I could post the good news here.



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    Still in Frontline

    I am here, too. Still in frontline treatment. Diagnosed & surgery in Sept 2015. Uterine carcinosarcoma, Stage 1b, Grade 3. Hoping for NED.

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    Roll Call

    MMMT stage 2 grade 3 NED 18 months. Waiting for another CA 125 blood test since my  numbers doubled in the last month and they were always low.. If the go up again I will have to get another set of CT scans.  They want me to have neck surgery but I want to wait until I know for sure what is going on.   All of you are so nice and helpful.    Stay strong.  Sue

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    So glad to see you all here!  Thanks Eldri for info on Shortmarge!  I have heard from another "old timer"( almost 7 years) who is doing fine!

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    Roll Call

    Forgot to mention I was diagnosed July 2009 with UPSC 1a, grade 3.  Ned since May of 2010

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    I also connected with Fayard

    I also connected with Fayard (Luisa) and she's five years NED - I love hearing these success stories!!!



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    I am still around

    I was diagnosed in May 2014. After total hysterectomy was told I was Grade 2, Stage 1a. I had 6 rounds of Taxol/Carbo and 3 Brachytherapy. I have been NED since November 2014.

    I don't post often but read posts everyday. I have learned so much from all of you. Thanks for being there when I needed it.

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    Introduction to Group


    New to this site and this world...  you guys are the first breath of fresh air and I thank you.  I was diagnosed in Dec, hysto in Feb. DX was Stage 1A/grade 3 UPCS (hope I said that reasonably intelligently).  I have had 2 chemos.. sort of.  I was suppose to to have platinum and taxol.  I was hypersensitive to taxol and only had platinum for first two.  I was suppose to have Platinum and Taxotere last week but white count down so will try again this week.  Sure hope no hypersensitvity on this go.  When I finish this chemo I have several weeks then go thru 25 external radiation treatment and the 3 day of the internal one...   then 3 more chemos.  I am feeling great and have a tremendous faith that all will turn out as it should and I will be able to deal with the future and enjoy the path as I go along it..  (sounds corny...   but I am going to give it one heck of a try!)


    Patty :)



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    Roll call

    I am new to this group, diagnosed 1 month ago with Adenocarcinoma, stage 1A grade 3. Healing from surgery phase now. Hope to learn lots from all you wonderful and experienced survivors! 

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    Hi Brissance and pinkuke and welcome to the boards!  You will get lots of helf, information, understanding, and love form this group!  Ask anything you want...nothing is out of bounds.  We even have a few sweet guys on here!  Patty, you are the same as me, 1a, grade3 UPSC.  I had the standard six treatments of Taxol/Carboplatin and five internal radiations   That was in '09-10 and I am still here.  Looking forward to hearing from you in the future!  Best, Debrajo

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    who or WHAT is NED?


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    Moped7946 said:


    who or WHAT is NED?


    Sorry! LOL!

    NO Evidence of Disease.....N.E.D.  Been doing this so long I forgot!  Welcome to the boards!  Best, Debrajo

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    2 years NED

    Surgery 12/05/13, chemo completed April 2014. I have never been a great dancer, but dancing with NED is the greatest!

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    Stage 1a - grade 1 in November 2012.

    Hysterectomy only in 1/13.

    Cleared my 3 year appointment this past January.

    God is good!

    Prayers for all of you battling this very scary beast. I have nothing but the upmost respect for you!

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    Roll Call

    Still here. Diagnosed UPSC grade 3 stage 4B (extensive lymph node involvement)

    in September 2010. NED since middle of treatment Jan. 2011. Cat scan in June

    will reveal if  my good fortune continues.

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    Another IVb survivor

    Had surgery May, 2010 for UPSC (adenocarcinoma) stage IVb that spread from the uterus to both ovaries, the omentum, and the small intestine.  Also had gallbladder and appendix out at the same time (had gallstones).  Went through 6 rounds of carboplatin and taxol, which I finished in Sept., 2010, so I'm 5 years and 7 months out from chemo (and next week, I'll be six years out from surgery).  Have been NED since surgery and chemo ended.  Had one scare (unexplained mass) which turned out not to be cancer (it didn't grow over time).  Down to yearly check-ups now at two different doctors (have a gyn/onc in one hospital who did the surgery and an oncologist in another who did my chemo).  Due to go back to the gyn/onc in June, but haven't been called to schedule yet.