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Bloody Cough

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I have been tested and retested the last few days.  My team feels that radiation may be my only hope to stop the bleeding in my lungs but they are skeptical as this method seldom works they said.   The other option that was kicked around was removing half of my right lung.  I said no to this since it would not save my life from the cancer, later after some of the tests the Pulmonary specialist said my lungs probably would not support a drastic measure like that.  The bleeding is not bad compared to some othey have seen however they said it is not light either and is not life threatening.  More than anything else it is just traumatic and leaves me feeling dizzy and sick.  So the new norm may have changed again to a "new" new norm.  



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I am so sorry you're going through this. It's just terrible. Is there no way to stop the bleeding other than radiation or surgery? Like embolization, perhaps. I'm sure they're doing all they can but I just hope they can find some solution. This new norm just plain sucks.

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An ablasion or emolization is out of the question becuase of the location of the tumor that is causing all the mess, it was just my luck that I got a tumor butted up against a main vein in the lungs.  The hope is that the OPDIVO will start working and shrink the tumor for a while but so far no luck on that.  Radiation might, and I stress might,  work but my oncologist said that RCC in the lungs does not always work in fact he said it is a 50/50 chance that it will.  



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Yes that's too bad about the location. You're on the second round of Opdivo, right? I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that this round will start working on shrinking it. If all else fails the radiation might be worth a shot, no? You just might be the 50 percent for whom it will work. Hang in there, it must be so distressing. Hugs.


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Hi Mark,

I am so sorry this is happening. Rock and a hard place is not a good place to be. I hope they find a good solution for you. Hopefully the new norm improves.



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I'm wishing for you to be in the 50% that responds well to the treatment, Mark. Many hugs and well wishes to you!


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{{{{ MARK  }}}

Here for you...always!

Sending you HOPE!

YOU are in my prayers.


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this stuff just sucks. Sometimes we can take quite a hit and when it is over, we exceed our expectations. Mark, we have to count on our resiliency. I've found that I adapt to the new normal surprisingly well. I am sure you will too.

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Oh Mark, hold on!

the bleeding definitely sucks, but at least not life threatening...

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I'll pray that you get some quick relief.  Hang in there.


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I wish I had something more to offer, but I wanted you to know I read your post and am thinking about you. Sending you good wishes and hope they find something to relieve this situation. I hate that you're having to deal with this.

Hugs Mark,


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