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Joined: Dec 2013

haven't posted much because my iPad and iPhone present problems in writing to this forum.

so if my posts are incomplete or garbled, it is not me but the damned formats.

so many posts that I would like to contribute to but somehow they don't post well.

will keep trying


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I got an iPhone. I upgraded from a flip phone (true story)

Ever since then, I don't use my laptop much and find it a real pain to read and post on here from an iPhone. 

But I don't always have my work laptop. 

Posts: 482
Joined: Dec 2013

I can read everything but posti has really been a problem; I no longer use a computer, even for work.

withe the latest iPad, I can write legal pleadings, letters and long emails; the only problem is posting here.

cannot figure that out but glad I am not the only one.


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