Knee surgery

Well have to do knee surgery May 5th, have torn meniscus and cartlidge problem. Have to go off of the blood thinners and do shots . Fun. I do my year scan in the beginning of June then see my oncologist June 13. It seems like things just never end. But hopefully every one is having a nice Saturday my prayers are with all of you. It sure is nice to be able to come to a place to chat. Love to all.



  • Chris17
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    Good luck with all that you

    Good luck with all that you are facing, keep us posted!

  • lindary
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    knee surgery

    I wish you luck.

    I need to call the orthopedic dr about my left knee. My PCP thinks I may have a torn meniscus and I keep putting off making the appt. I really do need to find out what is wrong.