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da Vinci - 4-20-16

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RARP 4/20, discharged 4/21 – catheter to be removed 4/27 – per surgeon all went very well – asked if he saw anything suspicious – he replied no. Pathology report not yet finalized -

Bobby Mac

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Congratulations for "being alive". Hope you recuperate the soonest.

Let us know about the pathologist's findings.

Best wishes,


hopeful and opt...
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Let us know of your progress

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Max Former Hodg...
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Excellent, Bobby Mac.

I recall after each of my surgeries that the first, and most important milestone afterward was the 'waking up' part ! 

I recall when I went back that week after surgery to have the cath removed; the RN got a "spray."  But urinary control came very fast for me. I was only in Attends a few days, soon shifting to pads. We sub guys were always worried about 'leaks'......

I am glad the doc found no causes for concern. If there were "issues," he would have you starting on field radiation soon after healing.


DaVinci RP, January, 2015.  "Undectable" since. My first few PSA tests were each three months, then at six month intervals, soon to go to annual intervals. Praying you will forever be in the "Undectables Club."



Will Doran
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Bobby Mac,

Congratulations. May you have a speedy recovery. 

And, yes, as Max said.  Be ready for "the Spray" when the catheter is removed.  Oh how well I remember that.  My GP had surgery and had a catheter and warned me that it was going to be painful when they removed the catheter.  So, I had some Tylenol with Codeine left from after the surgery.  I only took two of those monsters, after the surgery, because I couldn't deal with the hallucinations I had when on that junk.  So, I decided I'd take one of those pills before I went in to have the catheter removed.  By the time I got to the office I was in "La-La Land".  The doctor talked to me first and laughed at the way I was acting.  We told him what I had done.  So, I went with the nurse to get the catheter removed.  I was laying there and had know idea she had the catheter removed.  I said, "Well, let's do this. "She held it up so I could see it and said, :"It's already out."  Did we ever laugh.  She knew I had taken that stupid pill as well.  So, then they filled my badder to check for control.  And yes, there was a spray at first. I had to sit on a "pot", and they measured what came out as opposed what they had filled my bladder with, and all was well.  I got used to controlling myself.  That came back fast and is doing pretty good at this time. Not always perfect, but getting better. 

Best Wishes,

Peace and God Bless


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