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35 ground glass nodules and opacities in all lobes

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My wife is having a needle biopsy of a 1.6 cm ggo in a week and is totally scared she has lung cancer. Yet, the nodules are not solid. They are what are called ground glass opacities  Have any of you have this, or does anyone have information about these?

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Ground glass nodules usually indicate adenocarcinoma in situ IF it is cancer.  You really can't be certain of anything until the biopsy is back.  If this is adeno in situ it is an extremely slow growing cancer that doesn't spread outside of the lungs.  

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In 2012 while undergoing a check up for heart they saw a round glass nodule in my left lung, less than a centimeter, they did a vats biopsy and ot did turn out to be adenocarcinoma but it was cmpletely removed by the biopsy, yearly CT's have shown up ok.


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I dont have information but tell your wife she is not alone.  I am waiting for my Dr to give say he will biopsy my ggn.  I feel like Im going crazy

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Any update on your wife's condition?

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