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port flush

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First of all I am wondering how often every one gets a port flush, when in remission?  I have been in remission since 09 but had FNHL stage 4 and am on blood thinners, also other issues so it is not so easy to to go to get it done just like that.  I have been going every 6 weeks and this oncology nurse today said we do this every 6-8 weeks , well I have been going every 6 weeks. She really made me mad.

I am upset at her. I should call my dr. but can not remember her name. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Hope you are all doing well.


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Hi Hilde,  

Good to see your smiling face.  I have had my power port since Nov. 2009, and it is still working great.  Have had to do TPA a few times but for being this old it's great.  I will continue to have the port for as long as I can as there are medical reasons not to use veins in my arms for any blood work.  Your port should be flushed according to the manufactureres recommendation.  Each port is different.  There also is a difference in protacalls between the Eastern and Western United State,  East Coast not necessary unless doing  treatments.  West Coast usually every 4 weeks.  Mine is flushed every 28 days, 4 weeks.  Hope this helps you,  Leslie 

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I would not be upset, as you cannot flush a port too frequently. Waiting longer to flush your port is risking a blockage that can produce various problems, up to and including the requirement for port replacement. My facility prefers monthly flushing, but will allow as long as 6 weeks. Life is too short - I wouldn't be upset over something as minor as this. 

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When I got my port my oncologist told me that once chemo was over I would need to have the port flushed every 6 - 8 weeks. Of course the R-Chop didn't get my lymphoma into remission so then I had Rice which was successful. I have been getting Rituxan every 8 weeks when not on a chemo plan so that takes care of the flush. Right now I have to have a blood test every week and they use the port so it's being flushed every week. I believe if I didn't have all of this other activity the flush would probably be done every 6 weeks. 

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During chemo, I initially had my every two week wellness blood draw for testing done via my port.  My LDH was way out of wack, and my oncologist told me that testing LDH with blood drawn from the port affected the results, and he started having my draws done from a vein in the arm. I regretted this, but that's how it went.

I do not know the technical reasons for this, but apparantly some draws for lab testing are better done from the arm. You might want to ask you doctor about it.

My former neighbor (I have moved since) had an aggressive NHL eight years ago, cured with EPOCH. His port was left in for a few years, but he ended up getting it flushed only once every few months with no known problems. I am not recommending this, but most stories written here suggest that port flushes actually can be spaced pretty far apart with few issues. As always, ask you doctor or the RN involved.



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Thank You everyone for your posts, I was at my oncologist just on June 13 and she made my appointments for port flushes and when I went home I looked and it is every 8 weeks, I am calling in the morning they need to change these because I do take blood thinners and I can not afford any issues. My card says every 4 weeks. So I am willing to wait 6 which I have been doing but no longer. My arms are also shot because of all the protimes , so need my port. Well I wish everyone well. Hilde

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