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Student SE

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 Thx for the warm welcome Iceman! When initially posting I forgot to ask for advice  I need. As you can see one of several Sutent side effects I have is insomnia. Another is mouth sores. Magic mouth rinse works temporarily. Problem I'm having is finding a toothpaste that doesn't burn my tongue etc. Have tried Sensodyne on the advice of oncologist but it doesn't stop burning. Any suggestions?

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Look for toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). It’s a detergent that is harsh and can irritate soft tissue and mouth sores. It's not necessary for oral care. It’s added just to make it foam when you brush. Biotene puts one out without SLS and so does Tom’s of Maine. But check the ingredients because not every one of their product is SLS free.




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Good morning, 

Would you be open to trying out children's toothpaste? A brand without the burning mint type flavor? 

There are a tonne of different brands both more "natural" and commercial (crest, colgate) that make them. I would think finding one without the harsh flavor of mint or cinnamon might be a good idea. 

Bubblegum, Strawberry, etc. 

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Try a health food store that sells organic toothpaste with natural ingredients (no sugar, chemicals etc)

And ask either the RN for your oncologist or dental hygienist too.

Hope you find a good product.


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I think, not positive, that it lacks the SLS that APny was referring to.  Or how about just using a paste of baking soda?

Good luck and let us know.


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Good idea with the baking soda. It does neutralize acid and has been recommended if you have mouth sores so it should be mild enough for toothpaste. Also make sure you're using a very soft toothbrush.

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Thx for the suggestion of baking soda! Was great to finally brush my teeth again with no pain. It's the small things that become big sometimes

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