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And the healing continues

Tichondria's picture
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Joined: Mar 2016

Apparently I did end up getting an infection. They have put me on amox-clav to try and clear it up. I got to meet with my oncol, and she said 6 more weeks of nothing strenuous .. pick nothing up over 6 lbs, no baths still... etc.  It's funny, since my surgery I've craved nothing but sweets and meat. Before my surgery I could not stand sweet things and it was all about zesty/savory/sour. Dill pickles were my go to food for any time of day, and now I find I don't want them what so ever, and all I want is meat and sweets. It is the oddest thing I've ever known. She said she wants me to get a check up in 6 weeks to check my stiches and then a checkup in 6 months for what I'm assuming is a pap smear. However she neither set me up an apt. for 6 weeks nor 6 months.


I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do now. I feel a little lost on how i'm supposed to proceed, and trying to get ahold of her again has proved very troublesome. Not to mention she refused to admit that my da vinci surgery could of had anything to do with my eyesight getting so horrible/problematic. Should I just make an appointment with my normal gynocologist and just completely stop all communication with her? Or should I keep trying to bug her to get a phone call back. I feel very abandoned atm, and she even said that because I was stage 1 she would not be working with me anymore because she would never have time for her more important patients. I understand that completely as there are people suffering with higher stages of this horrible disease... but at the same time I feel abandoned and considered not important enough to warrent basic care. Perhaps it's my hormones leading me to these thoughts but it's frustrating to say the least.

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Tichondria, Hang in there. I think your suggestion on calling your normal GYN is a good one. You may be going through a problem from forced surgery menopause. This can cause anxiety and cause all kinds of emotional havoc due to the sudden change in hormone levels. There are meds that can help you get through this part. You don't need your surgeon to help with this. You need someone that is interested in your long term relationship with them.

I'm glad you got something to help with the infection. You should start feeling better really soon from that standpoint.

Take care of yourself and don't hesitate to reach out here!

Love and Hugs,


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I too felt abandoned by my gyno/oncologist when his PA did my first check-up, but my GP said look at it this way.  If he was worried about you, he'd be seeing you.  Apparently he's pretty confident you're going to be ok.  THAT made me feel a whole lot better!!  My GP was the one who pushed the oncologist's office to refer me to the Wound Care clinic and I'm going to rely on her as my "go to" health care person.

I'm glad you don't have to have anymore treatment - that chemo is rough stuff for some people.



Tichondria's picture
Posts: 39
Joined: Mar 2016

Thank you lovely ladies for the replies. And Eldri... thank you for helping put it into a different perspective for me. I will instead make an appointment with my normal gyno for my 6 week and 6 month check up. I don't know where I would be without you wonderful ladies. Thank you so much and I pray and hope that more and more become NED!!

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Hi Tichondria,

Could you seek out another gyn/one for continued folllow up?  I know it would be hard to get all your records transferred but I believe that now that you are in this club you need to be followed by a specialist, even with stage I. Just St my opinion. 

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The surgeon who did your hysterectomy is who you need to see for your post op checks for anything having to do with your surgery. It is the surgeon's responsibility to follow you until your incision is infection free and healed. Should be 6-8 weeks time if no complications. Is your surgeon also an OB/GYN oncologist? If not find one quickly. I am sorry that you have not received a clear plan. A quality center makes your next appointment before you leave the clinic. Advocate for your self....call your insurance company member services and request provider network of board certified OB/GYN Oncologists in your area. Make sure to get your medical records sent to your new physician by calling the clinic and hospital Release of Information or Medical Records Department. They will mail you Release of Information paper work to fill out with the name and address of your new doctor. Just check to have all records sent including lab and pathology and surgical records. Surgeons sometimes turn cold towards patients whose surgical outcomes are not the best .. like you are experiencing. 

Tichondria's picture
Posts: 39
Joined: Mar 2016

To be honest I'm just too tired to go looking for another doctor/surgeon. Yes my surgeon was a gyno/oncol from a cancer center in spokane near where I live. However, my gyno has done hyst. surgerys like mine, he just doesn't do cancer surgeries. So I feel that he will be fine to let me know how well infection is  gone or that my stiches are healing up inside where they removed all the stuff. Not sure if they call that a vaginal cuff still when you have your cervix.

I now feel that my stage does not require me to stick with a gyno/oncol. It was just stage 1 and definitely not worth their time. Why should I bother them when they have so many more ladies who have higher stages. They are the ones who deserve their full time. I'm ok with stepping back and seeing my normal gynocologist. I feel that the level of care I get there will be much better than what I would recieve by wasting the precious  time from a gyno/oncol. But thank you so much for you concern. Besides, if things do go badly, or god forbid I get a re-occurance he can send my info to where it needs to go. For now, and for my nerves and peace of mind, I'll just remain with my normal gyno. Hugs and loves to all and continued prayers that more become NED.

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