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Just curious how many rounds or cycles or treatments of FOLFOX you have had?  My first cycle will be 6 trestments then scans to see how things are going.

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hi, I have been told that I would require 12 treatments. My Oncologist said that he'd evaluate side effects after 8 and decide then. I had my first chemo yesterday snd sent back with 5FU pump. I will go back tomorrow to get it removed. So far no major side effects. I hope it stays that way. God luck in your treatment!

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I am on the clinical trial: 6 infusions of folfox and a celebrex/placebo everyday for 3 years.

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I had 5fu when I was first diagnosed and then folfox after my surgery. I was supposed to have 12 rounds but ended up only having 8 or 9, I can't remember, due to having a blood clot and ending up in the hospital for that. The side effects from the oxypalatin like the neuropathy increased over the course of the treatments and by six treatments it wasn't too bad yet.


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had twelve total treatments.  They cut off Oxy the last two due to nueropathy.  I have remember reading there was a trial going on over in England to see about reducing FOLFOX to 6 treatments instead of the standard 12.  Never heard anything about that again. 

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Someone posted on here about 6 months or a year ago that the typical regimen in Europe is six.

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I had a chemo pump giving me 1 1/4 ml/hr 24/7 of FU5 for the five weeks I was getting radiation.  Then a six week rest before resection.

Oncologist wanted more chemo after resection, but surgeon said:"not necessary."  It will soon be 6 years that I am NED!!!  Ah that we should all be so lucky. 

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Hi Jan

In Spain as far as I know (at least my experience till now) is 6 months (12 rounds) of folfox. One every fortnigth


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the DR has told my husband 4-6 months then redo scans

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My mom is scheduled to have 12 rounds of treatment, but after her 6th treatment, that is when they are going to do a pet scan to see how her body is taking in the chemo. 

 She has to go in every two weeks to get chemo and it's a 48 hour process where she takes a pump home for 48 hours. 

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I had eight FOLFOX  plus Avastin treatments.  A scan after the 8th treatment showed improvement  in the  rectal mass and that a  liver lesion had shrunk from 1.5 cm to 1 cm.

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12 Folfox without interruption

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I was told 12 treatments  every 2 weeks for 6 months.  Stage 3 colon cancer, Had 1/2 my colon removed with 19 lymph nodes. They said they got it all but one lymph node had a micro spec of cancer so I have to do this much chemo. Good luck

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But the Oncolgist dropped the Ox after 8 treatments with it due to neuropathy.  It was not used in the first one because he maxes the Oxiliplatin at 10 treatments because the incremental benefit is exceeded (in his opinion) by the risk of neuropathy.  Leaving it out of the first round let him see how I reacted to the other parts of the cocktail.  

There are various studies going on about dropping the treatments to 6 rounds.  I think Japan and some other countries already have gone to 6.  After going through 12 rounds, 6 sounds like a walk in the park ;)

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I suppose it depends on exactly where the cancer is ect.  My husband had 14 treatments of Folfox and started Folfiri on his 15th treatment.  Just had his 2nd scan should know the results next treatment on the 26th!

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Thats my moms story.

First 12 rounds, coping with regualr side effects and 1 big allergic reaction on the 12th

Then after surgery one year NED

January this year new liver mets and she is in her 7th round (19 th total). No big sympthons now, just ligth neuropathy

Hope it helps

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