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Pain after a lobectomy

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I had surgery on March 2nd 2016 I had my upper right lobe and lymph nodes removed. I had stage 1 Adocarcinoma  my pulmonary specialist says it was most likely caused from the RA meds ( Biologics ) I have taken for years. I am very fortunate they were able to get it all and I won't need chemo or radiation. They went through my back to do my lobectomy,  I still have quite a bit of pain just curious how long some of the pain last.

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Hi Bunnie,

I'm so sorry you are still in pain, amd I'm also surprised. Have you spoken with your doctor about it? If not, I suggest you do. I had my entire right lung removed (they went through my right side) in August 2014 and only had pain for a short amount of time. I had some very strange feelings for quite awhle which I found out was the empty section was filling up with fluid and my organs were shifting because of the empty space. I hope you get this resolved quickly because no one should have to be in pain.

I'm curious to know what type of RA drugs you took if you're willing to share that information.

Good luck to you! I'd love to hear the outcome.


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I was on Humira for 8 years then switched to Enbrel for 2 years and then oral Arava for 6 months an I had CT scans every 6 months after being on the Arava my nodule turned into a mass and my pulmonary surgeon said it could be a coincidence but he doesn't believe in coincidences.  About the pain he said because of my RA and Fibromyalgia it will take longer to heal especially since they said I can no longer take biologics. 

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April 1st and am still sore, like you they went through my upper back. Its worse when laying down, feels like I was whacked with a baseball bat most of the time. Im going back to work on light duty next week hoping for the best, like you they found no other cancer so no chemo or radiation, although my cancer was kidney cancer that metastised to my lung, 5 years after being cancer free.

good luck

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