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It was April 11, 2011 I was at work and sitting on the table doing paperwork. When I stand up I felt a bad pain in my spinal cord area and was unable to walk. I call my mother because I was unable to drive back so I call my mother.  She came and took me doctor after ultrasound doctor revealed after reading test reports that I have testicular cancer stage III.  My left testicle was removed, the recovery was challenging. I was unable to sleep during nights, lost my sleep, lost my job. In September 2011, I went through cheemotherapy for 3 months. Again, I was unable to sleep during nights and days. It was hard for my parents but I was keep convincing them don't worry I will break through and I will defeat this cancer.  In December 2011, I went through RPLND surgery which cause me unable to walk for almost an year due to deep incision and it was healing. I use to walk with crutches, it was hard to go to washroom and sit on a camode. Because my incision was 10cm long from my diagphram to my pelvis. My tumour was expanded so they removed my lymphs. I recovered by the end of 2012. In January 2013, my cancer tumour strikes back and it expanded again. In April 2013, I went through RPLND surgery again and they opened the same incision which they did the 1st time. Again, I was unable to walk and lying on bed for hours and hours. But this time I recovered myself after 3 months. And after 3 months I was able to walk back again. There are a lot of things in life that person faces as a challenge but we have to remain hopeful no matter it results as success or failure. Some of us give up easy and some of us set a goal to achieve it and don’t give up.

Today, I am involved in community and do cancer fund raising but I noticed that a lot of us when hear the word 'cancer' become afraid and start thinking and talking about it. But you know it is up to us to defeat any form of cancer. One of the biggest common factor that cancer strikes is when any man or woman has a weak immune system. It means it is up to us what we eat or drink. So eat more organic food including vegetables and fruits. There are still forms of cancer that are still undiscovered but this doesn't mean you become afraid. Do research and find cure information about cancer that you are fighting with. If medical doctors and researchers can do it so can you.

When anyone of us set up goals in life and the moment to decide to achieve it thats the moment to fight back and aim for the top. When I did not have cancer 5 years ago I use to hear from my friends that cancer is just a rare disease.  But, when I had it, I fought it and I survived the testicular cancer then I realized that millions and millions of people around the people who don't get cure for their loved ones, friends and families people.  Cancer is not deadly as we consider, it is curable.

So remember if you face cancer or any loved one of your does, convey this message that "Cancer is just a word, remember the word 'resilience'. "

I wish all cancer fighters and survivors good luck and all the best around the world.

Thank you.

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