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Tender Breast on Port Side

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Okay maybe a personal question...but my port in on my right side just below my collar bone and just above my breast.  It feels like my breast is bruised/tender and on occassion I get a sharp pain at the top of my breast on the right side.  At first I thought this was all due to having just had the port placed but it has been in place 5 months now and the tenderness and occassion sharp pain continue.

It concerns me becasue I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2015 and had a unilateral mastectomy on the left so the right being tender and sometime painful is worrisome to me.  I mentioned to my breast oncologist during my last visit (3 months ago) she thought it was from the port but said to keep an eye on it.  I also have a diagnostic mamogram scheduled for the end of April so I will definately point it on then. 

The area around the port is not swollen or red in any manner so I don't think it is an issue with my port.  I'm supposed to keep the port in place for two years, dispite having finished chemo 3 weeks ago, so I'm hoping to at least put my mind at ease that this is a normal thing and not something to else to worry about. 

Anyone else experience this with your port??



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Cindi, I don't have any direct info on a cancer port since I have never had  one. My DIL had Stage 2, Grade C(?) breast  cancer and had the surgury and port.  She now has mets to the bone and liver.  When she did have her port she had simular sensations that you have.  She had her port out before mets accured and her port was sitting on top of a nerve"bundle" and had quite a bit of scar tissue around it that irriated the nerve bundle.  It stopped when she had her port out and it healed.  Diff. keep an eye on it, but no swelling, fever, infection, ect. seems to point to nerver compression or nerve damage.  Good luck, Best, Debra(Jo0

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Every once in a while I, too, get a sharp pain above my breast.  Sometimes it's more of a dull ache that extends to my armpit.  I asked my oncologist about it, and she said, for me, it is probably the port, especially since I am so slender.  The pains seem to come and go.

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I have pain occasionally more so above the port.  Last chemo, nurse had trouble getting blood return at first,  tried flushing it, then told me to take a deep breath, the blood then started.  She said sometimes ports can move slightly, and she thought the cath tip was lying against the vein wall.  If they can move a little, maybe it's touching on a nerve at times.  Hugs Nancy

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Dear Cindy:

I too get those jabby things from time to time.   I had my port in for over 6 years.  I only used it for six months.   Then my port got twisted so it became difficult at times to flush.   

Anyway back to you.   Different times it would be tender to touch or if something bumped it.    Even now with my port out, and its been out for 4 years, if something hits that area a certain way, it will make me jump

But with all things, like you said, I would definitely point that out to your doctor.   You do get it flushed out monthly right?   If you are done with your port, it will need to be flushed out every 4 to 6 weeks until such time as it is removed.


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Thanks for the reassurance ladies!

It looks the port it is where it has always been and the tenderness and pain is where is has always been too.  I just thought it would resolve itself with time :)

I finished chemo four weeks ago and go for my first post chemo flush tomorrow.  Maybe I will mention it then.


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