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Treatment Finished

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Well...the treatments are officially over for me now...Actually felt myself laugh and smile earnestly this weekend.This stuff sure changed my outlook on a lot of things, I am sure for the better...I was the last hold out as a smoker , now I have not smoked in 29 days. Lost the attitude in life that it won't happen to me... Make the time to treasure those you love .So now..Ill try to live my best life,greatful for the opportunity...but I think that little fear will remain wondering if it will return....Thoughts from those of you with some years under your belts?

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That is wonderful news.  My husband Bill has Mantle Cell which so far is not curable and will come back (however researchers are on the cusp of a cure).  He has relapsed once and is now on a new target drug and in remission again for 2 years.  You are so right,  the "it won't happen to me" attitude is totally gone, but like you, we appreciate life so much more and that is a gift, and one that we can share.  Hopefully it makes us better and more compassionate and tolerant of others.  The fear of it returning is very real for us, but we find it very easy to put it out of our minds (it won't change anything) and keep it on the back burner.  We found out Monday that Bill's CT scan was clear after 6 mos.  It was a little more nerve wracking this time because it was the first time the doc let him go 6 mos.  When he gets the "clear" we have a little joke that we now have a small window where it is even off the back burner Laughing.  So dance the happy dance and enjoy life.  BTW, it will be a lot longer and fuller too since you quit smoking A- pluses for you!!!! 


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Delighted for you, Kaniksu.

Of course the treatment is over. But do know that the worry never ends. It becomes lesser, and mitigates, and is managable, but it never really ends; not according to everything I have read here, from easily a hundred or more patients.  But the rejoycing is fitting, and even necessary.

I will get a Six Year review from my N.P for the lymphoma this June, and see a different N.P. for being 18 months clean from prostate removal, the same month. My final scan for a lung node in August. It will be a busy mid-summer.  I walk into all of these results without any fear, ready to hear anything, but I guess knowing that the news should, statistically, be good makes it easier for me. It will become easier and easier for you as well.

It gets better, but perfection only happens in the next world.

ThE OBVIOUS song for this occasion: (a gift from the South)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9TShlMkQnc



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What a great song Max !!! Thanks....

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