Mr. Davao Cancelled

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Mrl Davao was scheduled for March 27th, but was postponed until sometime in March.  The problem was the Mayor did not want to have any crowds assembled due to risk of terrorist bombs.  All of Southern Mindanao is Muslim and there is a very active Muslim terrorist group there that kidnaps lots of people for ransom.  Mindanao is known as the kidnap center of the world.  

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I have posted some body building pics here as well as pics of my Stage 4 bone cancer, which is very severe.  I want to offer hope to everyone who sees these pics.  With Stage 4 bone cancer, 84 years old, and NO testosterone, it would seem impossible to build any kind of a body.  With the right atitude, immune system, diet, olptimism and gratitude for life, anything is possible.  thank you.  Love, Swami Rakendra



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    mr. davao

    new date should be sometime in April, not March.  sorry.

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    Rakendra said:

    mr. davao

    new date should be sometime in April, not March.  sorry.

    Abu Sayyaf

    Well your contest will be next week, I hope the results will be on your side.

    I recall very well Abu Sayyaf's kidnaps in Mindanao and at Palawan. I spent the passage of the New Year 1999/2000 at Pearl farm resort (Davao) just before it was attacked by the guerrilla group (and before being diagnosed with PCa). 3 years later I stayed at Dos Palmas resort island (Palawan) when they reopened for business after the kidnapping affair in there too. Very fortunate for me in both occasions.
    The most interesting aspect on the conflit with the Muslim guerrilla at Mindanao is that one can know in advance when they plan to attack. Big construction projects (mine was at Cagayan de Oro) have to pay a sort of war tax to them. That gives us the right to be informed before they act and provides the sence of protection. Businessman never escape; either pays to the guerrillas or to the military.

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