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Nodular BCC /renal cell carcinoma cancer survivor/atypical breast tissue etc etc

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in 2006 a radiologist "noted" on an MRI of my heart that the physician should suggest I follow up on a cyst seen on my kidney.  my doc did and I learned that I had renal cell carcinoma.  Some of you may know that renal cell cannot be biopsied and you go into surgery not really knowing the outcome.  While my ct scan showed a greater than 5 cm area I was lucky and the tumor was 3 cm with a "halo" around it.  My kidney and surrounding tissue was removed and I have been clear for 9 years.  A couple of years ago I found a lump in my breast.  I had a mammogram and the lump I found was nothing but the mammogram showed three other suspicious areas, one in one breast and two in the other.  After the ultrasound and biopsies I ended up having "atypical" cells excised and went on the "every three month mammogram plan."   I have had some superficial skin cancers removed, actinic keratosis removed.  I go for an annual skin check.  I went to my last visit concerned about a particular spot....that was AK but the doctor biopsied another spot I didn't even see and it is Nodular BCC, on the side of my nose nearest my cheek.  Again....i don't know how bad, how much.  I am so fortunate that all of my cancers and pre cancers have been found but i guess, since I've been down this road a few time and  you can't really cover your face, I am really scared.   I have not scheduled the MOHs surgery.  I need help understanding the pathology report.   The sentence that really bothers me is " a variable mononuclear cell inflammatory infiltrate is present in the dermis surrounding the islands of atypical basaloid cells."  What does that mean?  Thanks to any one who can help.

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