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Great News!

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. . .for those who remember Michelle and Kyle. . .

I just got a message from Michelle, who asked me to share with everyone that they are doing beyond wonderful.

Kyle is now 1 year post allo stem cell transplant. They are living in Denver but getting ready to move to Texas. Michelle is working as a travel nurse and Kyle is going to school to become a pediatric oncology nurse. Kyle proposed on New Year's and they are getting married in September. Maybe, if we are lucky, Michelle will come back to share some wedding pictures.

What an amazing young couple who have been through so much. I am thrilled with their good news.




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That is awesome news.

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Super news...

Thank you for letting all of us know. I hope you and everyone is doing well.

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I can't believe I missed this thread, I read the forum everyday.  Thanks for telling me.  Wow, I am sooooo happy!  I have Michelle's address (of course changed now) but I just couldn't bring myself to write to her, I was convinced there would not be good news.  I think about them all the time, and what a wonderful surprise.  I am not surprised at all how much they have accomplished and so happy that Kyle finally popped the question.  Know they will have a very happy marriage.  They are both so giving and it really shows in what they have chosen for their careers.  Boy you said it, they have been through so much.  They are so special.  Thank you again for waking me up, the other day you made me laugh, today you made my day!  Hope your check up goes well, Bill just had his 6 month CT report and all clear......hooray!

Your friend,



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