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How to Post Pictures

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Hey, guys,

I've gotten a couple of questions on how to post pictures inside the post here on CSN.  It's not very user intuitive, so I'll go step by step.  I would recommend opening your post in a new tab on your browser so you can switch back to this one for reference.

1: The picture must be online already (like on Facebook, Flickr, etc)

2: RIGHT-click on the image to open the box and select "Copy Image URL" or "Copy Image Address"  This will save the web address.

3: Go to your forum post and click on the little picture icon with the tree at the top of the post.

4: When the box opens, right click in the "Image URL" box and select "PASTE."  The address to the photo you wanted to save will show up there.  Enter a description and name for your picture (this doesn't have to be long)

5: The picture should show up in the box and when you click on the "INSERT" box, it will be added to your post.

Hope that helps!

- Jay

Jake eating

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What in the world are you feeding that child?  haha  

Thanx for the laugh, and the instructions.


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Your instructions are perfectly clear... I will need a day when I feel really bright to get that accomplished!  That is a fabulous and funny pic by the way!  What a cutie your son is!

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The expression on his face is priceless. I guess lunch was not a big hit? :)

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Haha this was our first attempt at cereal. He's gotten a little better in the last couple of days.

- Jay

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Jacob is definitely not appreciating the food :-) our first attempt was similar, but got much better the very next day :-)

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