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Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Perianal Margin

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Hello Everyone, 

I am so happy I have found this forum. Last Thursday, I was diagnosed with SCC in the anal margin, moderately differentiated. No HPV was found. The tumor size is a 4 mm in thickness. The suture tagged deep margin is negative for tumor involvement. I do have tumor cells present at the radial margin. The doctor took a biopsy, although, not knowing what the lesion was in the first place, did not realize to cut more in the surrounding area. My doctor performed a complete colonoscopy, no cancer found. 

Next week, I will have tests done to see, if the SCC has spread. MRI, CT scan, PET Scan. Are there any other tests that I should ask my doctor to set-up for me? I did see a dermatologist, no cancer of any kind on my skin. 

Any information given, will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!! 

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Welcome to the site. I was diagnosed and treated in 2010. Still cancer free. This site was a blessing to me before, during and after. I like to be informed and this us an excellent place for that. 

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Thank you for replying to message. To know you had SCC and, are still cancer free gives me much hope for the future. Sending many blessings your way. 



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