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Stage IV UPSC Survivor Checking In...All Good

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Hi Ladies!  I just wanted to check in, let you all know I hold you in thought daily, and that after my latest labs/chemo, my CA125 is down to 10 which supports last month's CT scan which showed spots on my liver completely gone, lymph nodes back to normal, and nothing new or suspicious!!  Yay!!  Just want to keep spreading hope for my fellow fighters.  I know it gets discouraging sometimes, but don't lose hope!!  It took me two and half years and multiple treatment plans to get to this point.  (Just to refresh for any new ladies...Diagnosed in Jan, '14.  Major hysterectomy, chemo, and radiation (brachytheraphy).  Recurrence 4 months later (after 6 mo. of carboplatin-paclitaxel); went on Doxil next which I had a massive reaction to and had to stop.  They wanted me to go on doxirubicon next and I said no.  Requested Avastin as a single agent.  Not typical, but my oncologist agreed.   I also added a naturopathic oncologist who consults with a clinic in Germany.  They have me on supplements and mistletoe injections 3x a week).  Progress was slow, but about 4 months ago, it was evident things were turning around.  My CA125 kept falling and CT scans showed everything shrinking.    I am also on Metformin, which may be helping as well, but I think that may be because Avastin and Metformin work well together.  I am beginning to see a lot of documentation on that.  I am diabetic so have been on Metformin for years.  It did not seem to make a difference while on the cytotoxic drugs (carboplatin/doxil), but Avastin, Metformin, the Mistletoe, and supplements I am on all seem to work by keeping the cancer cells from forming blood vessels and then they die off.  It is a bit slower apprpoach, but easier to tolerate, and hopefully more permanent.  No way to be sure, but my theory is that getting hit from so many directions may have done the trick.

My oncologists say my tests are all normal now, so after my next round of chemo I am going to take a break for six weeks.  We agreed that backing away slowly and monitoring is the best approach for now.  We may even consider a long term maintenance schedule to just keep everything at bay.  Just wanted to check in, say Hi, say there is always hope...I'm proof.  I feel fine.  Watch my diet.  I'm careful, but not fanatic.  Exercise a lot.  Focus a lot of energy on just staying healthy and happy.  Best wishes to all!  - Helen

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So happy for this amazing report. Congrats! I hope you stay this way for MANY more years to come!

This is so helpful in keeping us positive.

Love and Hugs,


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And many thanks for documenting how you got to this point.  Such great news!


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Thank you so much for posting this!  I think so many times, the women who continue to post are ones that are having problems and we don't see the many, many women who are in remission or cured.  I'm so happy to hear your good news.  Keep us updated, please!!



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Great to hear! This kind of post gives me hope. Hope it all continues to do well.

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I blew grateful kisses to the stars above hoping they will reach whomever or whatever is guiding your path to NED

Sharing your journey is a loving gift to us all,we thank thee.Give a hug to your in house pilot for me.

Nuff,nuff more blessings my sister.  Moli

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Thank you Moli!  Think about you often...how is it going?  Hope things are going well.  Surgery behind or ahead? - Take care of you!  Hugs!! - Helen

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Brand new to this effort and worried.  Not sure what road I'm on exactly, but seeing the details of your road is helpful.  Wishing continued good luck!  Keep on trucking.

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I have been wondering how you were doing with treatment and am glad to hear of your good news.  It cheers me as it does the other women on this board.  Wishing you continued NED.



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Helen...thanks for sharing and giving us all a little hope!  Wishing you continued success!


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It happened to Me
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So happy to hear the good news.  Staying positive works.  Laughing alot has wonderful benefits too.  Worry only adds grey hair and a sense of doom.   Well done Helen.  Keep up the great recovery.


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