Astrocytoma grade 2 valoni

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I was recently biopsied and diagnosed with an astrocytoma grade 2 tumorFrown. With the exception of the symptoms that led me to my Doctor I've only dealt with the side effects,like not moving my legs,and not remembering things before surgery,i have bin diagnosed in short time i made biopsy and then surgery so i can clean the tumor..the surgery i made in macedonia,skopje....doctors gaved me 7-9 months,and they say to me to enjoy this 9 months,i was also sick before with epilepsy but after the surgery I didn't have epileptic attacks...

is it something wrong or why they gaved me 9 months


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    Hi, I am the sister of a35 year old brother who has Brain cancer.  He was diagnosed in 2009 and was given a short time to live, 1-3 years.  Then in 2011 we were told he only had less than a year to live.   He has gone thru 2 crainiotomy's, radiation and has had a wonderful life for over 6 years.  He is now undergoing chemo and in August 2015 they told us he had a couple months to live....we are now at 7 months.  My point is....DON'T EVER LET SOMEONE TELL YOU HOW MUCH TIME YOU HAVE LEFT TO LIVE!!!  Enjoy each day to the best possible no matter what someone tells you.  There is only one God and he is the only one that truly knows.  I had all the doctors pushing me to put my brother in the hospice program as if they were ready to lay him out to the pasture.  We refused and have kept going.  Very thankful we have because he has had 6 precious years with his 7 year old son.  Dont give up!

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    I'm sorry for your situation.  I would ask the Doctors to explain how they came up with your time line and are there any trials that you can be entered into.  But also, live, enjoy your family, friends and the world.

    Loves, Hugs and Prayers to you,

    Sarah Sunshine