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Living with cancer as a chronic condition

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I am a breast cancer survivor and recently leaned that I have some cancerous lymph nodes and a small malignant sacral lession that are believed to be a metastatic recurrance of breast cancer.  My onlcologist says it is very unlikely that this recurrance can be cured, but she is fairly optimistic that it can be controlled long term.

This concept of cancer as a chronic disease is very new to me and wondering if there might be others here with similar circumstances.


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I was told back in 2006 that I had 6 months to maybe a year to live due to a 3rd recurring of NPC cancer. I went home to see my family in Honduras before I die and being down there I found an herbal treatment center for people with cancer. Well I did their treatment and 10 years later I am still alive. Never give up my friend just keep fighting.



seslie johnson
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what is the name of the herbal

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Joan M
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Like you, the doctors have all told me that I cannot be cured.  I have been told I may have 6-18 months from one doctor, another says people with stage 4 colon cancer have an average survival rate of 30 months.  Another doctor told me he believes I have many years of life ahead of me. 

I am on maintainence chemo for the rest of my life - Avastin infusion every 3 weeks, in addtion to 14 days of Xeloda then 7 days off . 

I was diagnosed the end of February 2016, so have beat the 6 month mark, and believe that I have many years left.  

It is always great to see cases as Tim above who has survived so many years even with a 3rd recurrence of cancer.   Thank you for sharing your story Tim.  

Hope they come up with a way to rid me of the cancer so I don't have to be on the chemo for the rest of my life.   

Good luck,


Liver cancer
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16 years waiting on the miracle pill to cure my liver cancer. YEP, LIVER CANCER. And I am NED 5/24/2018!!!!!!!! DIAGNOSED 3/2002.

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