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Surgery Yesterday

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I had my robitic partial nephrectomy yesterday morning. They were able to spare 85% of my left Kidney. I spent the night in the hospital and was released a few hours ago. Unfortunately, I was not able to empty my bladder. So, I was sent home with a catheter. I'll get the catheter removed on Tuesday. I'm sore and I am taking oxycodone to ease the pain. So far so good.



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That was a quick release.  Great news for you to preserve that much of your kidney. 

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What can I say, but that there is no way to sugar coat a neph. If you can get thru Hell  week things will get a lot better.




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You've just been sliced and diced and have a catheter in place. Yet most of us would trade places in a heartbeat. Have a long happy life ahead of you. Your beanie is in the mail.

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Here's to a quick recovery. Drinks lots of water and take lots of short walks even if just around your house.

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Let the recovery begin.  My doc asked me if I wanted to go home the day after, I said no, one more day please and he agreed. 

As APny says, lots of water (helps in many ways including preventing fevers post-op) and lots of short walks and don't forget to rest.  Your body is working hard to recover from the trauma of everything being man-handled (so to speak) and cut up.  I'm kind of thinking if a kidney could talk it might be cussing right now.

I'll keep you in my prayers,


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Baw take it easy for a while and move slowley. I am glad it all worked out for you, wishing you continued success and health.



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Glad this cancer thingy is in the rear view mirror for you!

But I cannot believe they sent you home with a cath?

REST, REST REST, WALK WALK WALK, drink fluids and let your mind ease now!

hugs, Jan

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I didn't sleep much last night, but have been sleeping off and on all day. I'm very sore today. Well...everyday should get better from here on....Thanks for all the well wishes.


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Hi baw, 

 I had my partial on Feb 16. Tumor was 2.5 cm also.  I was sore too. At about 8-9 days I started to feel really good just a little sore at incisions.  I still have a hard time laying on my side so I have been on my back propped up with pillows.  Rest as much as you can and drink. I had a fever and someone here said to drink more and that did the trick.  

Also was cold all the time and I'm never cold. At about 2 1\2 weeks out I'm doing more but get tired easily then naps. I wish you a fast recovery! 



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I saw that you didn't sleep well last night.  Are you lying down flat in bed?  Most people find it a lot more comfortable sleeping upright, like in a recliner.  My recliner was not comfortable and I slept on the couch corner, propped up by pillows.  I had a more extensive surgery (entire right kidney removed) so I spent about a week and a half on the couch.


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Way to go!! In and out of there like a champ. Just remember all the good advice...go slow and don't over do things.



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What they don't tell you is that the meds used for general anesthesia are still in your system THEN you are adding on to that with oral pain meds. That makes you less alert, sometimes queezy and kinda loopey for a few days. BUT it will get better. DRINK WATER to get those kidneys (and liver) to flush that out of your system.

No, you will not be sleeping through the night, but learn to sleep when you can and it gets easier.

I think your attitude is working for you. Good for you!

Sending you healing vibes and gentle hugs,


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Here's to a quick uneventful recovery and long happy life

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After my 2fer  lap partial nepthrectomy and gallbladder removal last month  on the second day they pulled the catheter and well it was like a flower bubbler not a hose. Nurse said good to go, so home I went. Next day after drinking a ton of water I ended up in ER getting another catheter. Left it in for one week  then I passed the test. The ER doc put me on Flomax for the week to relax the clamp. At least the ER visit was no charge because I shouldn't have been released in that condition.  That first two weeks was interesting, hang in there walk with your jug as much as possible. 

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