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Apifiny Non-PSA Blood Exam

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today, i went to a new urologist. i showed him my history. he performed a DRE and took two samples of blood, to test my PSA and another test called Apifiny Non-PSA blood exam. 

before he had my blood drawn, he performed a DRE. he said my prostate felt fine. one thing that has me concerned is the fact he performed the DRE before the blood test. i 4got to ask him to do the blood test first then DRE. my question to you is should i be concerned about the fact he did the DRE first?

also, what can any of you tell me about the apifiny blood exam? how accurate is it? what can affect the results? how is this test compared to free/total psa, pca3 test or the mri?

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Apifiny Non-PSA blood exam


Having a DRE before the blood test that measures PSA will elevate the finding of the PSA. Not good medical practice

Here is your previous thread that has been posted


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Doing a PSA right after a DRE is a big NO-NO!

Do ask for a repeat, and refrain from cycling, sex etc. beforehand.

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I am just curious here.  My family doctor has always told me that sex is irrelevant before a PSA draw.  I asked two urologists, and they both told me the same thing; one of them was my prostectomy surgeon.

Obviously, SW's doctor felt it was insignificant to do the DRE before the PSA draw.  The doctor is undoubtedly a board-certified urologist, following his PSA.  I have just never understood this vast disparity in opinions.

This doctor has a sort of middle position, stating that a DRE before a PSA draw is essentially irrelevant, but sex can have some small effect:


Me, I always avoided sex for a few days prior to a PSA draw.







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It appears that a DRE can elevate the PSA especially if the patient has an enlarged prostate., as the OP.

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