Diagnosed with brain cancer

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I was recently diagnosed with brain cancer with severe swelling in the brain. I even have abnormalities in vision. I went for an eye check yesterday and the doctor advised me to take the Lasik eye surgery procedure from any nearby clinic in Oakville like the See By Intravision. But I don’t know whether Lasik is safe at this condition. Will there be any sort of complications if I take this surgery?


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    Lasik surgery

    You should really be directing this question to your doctor as everyone's case is different. Good luck to you!

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    Williamen, My name is Cheryl

    Williamen, My name is Cheryl and I was DX with a stage IV Brain Tumor back in Oct. 1997 and was  given a year to live by the doctors.. I want to wish you all the  best as you continue on your journey with cancer. I have experienced so many wonderful events in my 18+ years of survival, including the births of a great nephew in 2014, and a great niece this past St Patricks Day! Those are only two examples. I have  had vacations  and reunions I that have brought me so much joy into my life. I have been blessed with so much, and this cancer journey of mine just keeps moving on. Sorry I don't know anything regarding your eye situation. Good luck with whatever you chose to do.

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    My husband was just had brain

    My husband was just had brain surgy and cancer it's very scary

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    Hello williamen, like you I was DX with brain cancer

    Hello Williamsen, 


    i was DX IN 2011 with stage II brain cancer, however since every cancer is different and effects different areas of the brain, I would strongly suggest talking to your oncologist or neurologist before getting any surgery. There is always going to be a % of complications. Just like with any other surgery. The brain is a very sensitive part of the body, and with swelling it becomes more sensitive. You don't want to do anything that could effect your brain. If you don't have an oncologist or neurologist you can always make an appt with one just to get their opinion and see what they recommend. I hope this was atleast a bit helpful. Best of luck to you and well wishes 

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    Allens said:

    My husband was just had brain

    My husband was just had brain surgy and cancer it's very scary


    I was dx. Feb. 4, 2016 with St 4 lung and brain cancer........I had 2 frontal lab. in that month and 3 rounds of radiation for the brain.....the lung is being treated via chemo....6  rounds (4 down 2 to go)   I am 59..... if I can offer any in sight or anything let me know.....

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    Brain Tumor

    My sister passed away last year, as she was suffering from brain tumor. It has been a difficult journey for her. She has to bear a lot of pain. However, I found strength through her positive and inspiring attitude. She never told me about the pain, she has been suffering from. Instead she only told me that she was getting better as each day passed. I wish to run several campaigns, when i will be mature, to make people aware of such deadly diseases that separate our loved ones from us. I miss my sister a lot Cry