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2013 and updated 2014 patient satisfaction study Proton Beam Therapy

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I have copied a link to a recent study of the Health Related Quality of Life as reported by Dobson DaVanzo & Associates in a study that was sponsored by the National Association for Proton Therapy. The survey responses were from 3,789 patients who received treatment from 12 different PBT centers, with 26% more than 6 years post treatment.


There are currently 20 proton beam therapy centers currently operating nationwide, with another 16 under construction or development.


I post this information for those who are considering Proton Therapy as a treatment plan.

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I read the Dobson Davanzo report but I can't find what kind of patients were included in the survey (age, Gleason scores, etc.); a serious omission. Hence, the report can't be used to compare Proton Beam Therapy to other therapies (IMRT, SBRT etc.).

In case I wasn't clear, if one treats only Gleason 6 and 7 cases, the results of most current therapies are going to be 'pretty good' with high patient satisfaction scores.

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Dr. Peter Scardino, Director of Surgery at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, wrote the following in his most recent edition of this Prostate Book regarding Proton Beam.  While it is dated 2010, that hardly seems obsolete, and covers most of the time during which Proton Beam has been available to patients (i.e., the early 60s):

Extravagant claims have been made that the therapy can boast a 100 percent success rate without complications or side effects, but there are no credible studies and no long-term data to support this.  Experts question whether proton beam therapy offers any advantage over modern high-dose IMRT for treating prostate cancer.   p. 336

I have no opinion in any of this, just sharing what one of the authorities in PCa treatment says.   Proton Beam is a reputable and useful modality for treating PCa. If it were my choice, I would feel good about it.  But it is not manna come down from heaven.



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