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Still have stomach issues after autogolous transplant-anyone else?

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Hi all- my mom is day +75 post autogolous stem cell transplant for transformed dlbcl. She still can only eat very small amounts at a time.. If she eats more than that she becomes nauseous and feels full- occasionally vomits. We saw the doctor today who seemed to think this was not normal this far out from transplant. Has anyone had issues with food longer than 50 days post transplant? In particular feelings of fullness and nausea, having to eat very small amounts of bland food??

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Congtulations to your Mom for successfully completing her SCT. I am sorry to hear that she is still having troubles with nausea. If the doctor you saw did not think this was "normal" this far out from transplant, did he or she offer any solutions or suggestions? Is your Mom taking any nausea medications? Perhaps a referral to a gastroenterololgist would be in order? 

I hope she is able to get some relief, after all she has been through. And thank you for being a caring caregiver for your Mother.

Blessing and best of luck,



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Hi Tlj_1979,

I got an ASCT in 2012 at the age of 68.

My stomach was in disorder with diarrhea about three months, getting a little better by and by. I was quite weak for long. Regaining strength fairly well took about six months.

I hope that your mother will soon get better.

Best wishes


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