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Here I go again!!

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Joined: May 2013

Hi Everyone,

     Looks like I am going back to surgery, CAT Scan showed something in the lung.  Seeing Drs. on Friday and surgeon on Tuesday and my Birthday is Saturday! So lets get this thing out and let me celebrate another year!  I will try and post on Wednesday when I have all the facts of everything!

     But I can promise this will not keep me down, I am 5 months out from making my 5 year mark and I certainly intend on hitting that mark!

                                                           Love and prayers for good health!


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Joined: Mar 2014

Same here. Wishing you the very best and hoping to hear from you soon. Hugs!

hardo718's picture
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And like everyone else, hoping to hear some good news very soon.

Hugs & Love,


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Praying that surgery went smoothly for you. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing. Take care, give yourself time to heal!

Big hugs


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Thinking of you Brenda


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