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MRI results

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I had an MRI on my liver last week as recommended by the radiologist who found a 3mm focus of low density in the right side lobe near the dome of the liver during my 1-year follow up CT scans in december.  The results came back yesterday.  The focus measured 2.7mm on the MRI, and did not seem to display signature characteristics of a cyst, but it also did not seem to enhance with contrast.  The radiologist could not characterize this thing from the MRI either, as has recommended that I have another MRI in 6 months to see if it grows or remains stable.  I am glad that it wasn't recognized as metastatic kidney cancer, but the uncertainty of what it is has been unnerving.  I am hopeful that it is a benign thing....



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I'm sure others will chime in, but as for me, I'd seek a second opinion.  Just because it didn't "enhance with contrast" does not necessarily mean it's benign.  You might want to start with a Urologic/Oncologist, if you don't already have one.  Not trying to scare you but would hate for you to wait and have it weigh on your mind. 

Best wishes & I'll be praying for you.



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I called my urological oncologist (the one that performed my surgery) and let him know about this.  He said that I will need to be referred to a liver doctor at this point, and that he will handle any situations that might recur in the kidney.  I have the name of the top liver doctor at UPMC, so I will probably call him next.  I agree with you Donna, this is small, and most likely harmless....but we don't know for sure.  I want the absolute best treatment possible and do NOT want this thing to get out of hand, if indeed it is more serious.  My three little ones need daddy around for a long long time.

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Andy,  Sounds small and hopefully is nothing to worry about.




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Smart to follow up with the liver doc ASAP. Hoping it's nothing and doc can put your mind at ease.

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