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For y'all who don't jump boards like I do, Alexandra is saying her goodbye's over on the Ovarian board.  She is in Hospice and God's hands now.  Debra(Jo)

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I read it and cried.  I am glad, however, that she is comfortable and without pain as she moves out of this life.  I did not realize there was something called palliative sedation for end-of-life care but it is good to know.

I did not know your friend, Alexandra, but it sounds like she was a fighter to the end.  I'm so sorry, Debra.



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Kathy G.
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Alexandra contributed so much to this board! This makes me SO sad...once again...then when I get to visit the boards yet another member is struggling close to the end or has crossed over.

I wish her peace as she makes her final journey. God bless her and all our sisters on this board!

Thank you for letting us know, DebraJo!

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but I read her story and posts.  It makes me so sad, and mad, that they can't come up with something to cure this awful cancer.  I know they spend all the available research dollars on the common cancers, I almost wish I had got brest cancer, because they seem to have the most and newest treatments.  I don't begrude them the best outcome, but why do some of the therapies, especially USPC, get the leftovers?  I don't think they have changed anything for us since 1999. Ovarian which I know Alexandra fought, has only just begun to have some new therories on how to treat it, unfortunately too late for this great lady. And of course, most of the new aren't approved for USPC.  So we get old, stale barbaric therapy.  I'm sad, maybe a little depressed to think that her outcome will become mine.  Rest in peace dear Alexandra. 

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And makes me sad at the same time.  I didn't know Alexandra, but I read her blog and many of her posts.  Her spirit infused everything she wrote and I am so sorry that this earth is a little less bright because she isn't here.  I am glad that she is no longer in pain and that she went out on her own terms.  But, I am so sorry that we have lost another beautiful brave woman.

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So sorry and sad as well. Even up to the end, she was educationg and sharing. Now, many of us know about palliative sedation that did not before her goodbye.

I wish her peace into her next life.

Love and Hugs,


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Ladies yes we do have that option here in some parts of Canada ,I don't know about the USA

One must register ahead of time though.I registered a little while after Alexandra.It gives peace of mind.

A wonderful and healing Monday to all.

Nuff Love, Moli

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and I will miss her knowlege, wisdom and humor.  She will be missed by family, friends and the CSN ladies who read the posts on the Ovarian and Uterine Boards, including women who have  other below-the-belt female cancers. We have lost too many wonderful, loving and beautiful women here and it  breaks my heart. If only there could be a cure....

Wishing you all good health,


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i keep thinking about her daughter.  So young to lose her mother.

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