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How to find a Naturopathic Oncologist

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Hi Ladies!  I am hoping this Valentines Day/Presidents Day weekend is going well for everyone!  Since I posted about my last CT scan results and CA 125 numbers, and the information about working with both  conventional and naturopathic oncologists at the same time, I have received a lot of interest in finding a naturopathic oncologist.  This is just basic information for anyone who is interested in adding this element to their treatment.  I am so convinced of its value, as is my husband, that I would literally mortgage my house to insure that I could keep her!  It's not outrageously expensive, but there is expense and it won't be covered by insurance.  You need to know that.  You can search for a naturopathic oncologist at http://oncanp.org-nd.  This is the website for the Oncology Assoc. of Naturopathic Physicians.  You want to be sure that anyone you work with has the inititals "ND" and "FABNO" behind their name.  This will indicate that they are board certified (2000 patient hours in oncology before they can even sit for the exam).  This will also make sure you are not working with someone who just took a correspondence course and hung out a shingle calling themselves a naturopathic doctor.  I am convinced at this point, that working with a naturopath has elevated my immune system to be in better shape to work with the Avastin.  I am also fairly rigorous about diet/exercise (but I am not vegetarian).  Good luck to anyone who wants to try this.

I continue well!  My CA 125 is down to 13 and my 6 mo. checkup with my surgeon (I am two years post-op now) last week was great.  She said there is basically nothing there and so now it just remains to be vigilant and live well.  I am remaining on the Avastin every three weeks until April and then we are going to try our first trial of pushing treatment from every 3 weeks to every 6 weeks.  I'll be due for my next CT scan at that point, so I'm feeling like 2016 is going to be a good year!  Warmest regards to all of you, Helen

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I checked the list of NAs in Wisconsin with FABNO after their name and there are none but I do see quite a few in Chicago.  I feel this is something that I would like to look into.  Thank you for the information.



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