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A special condolence thread for Daffodil58 - Her beloved husband has passed away

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My husband passed away at the end of November, just a few weeks before his 59th birthday.  Not even close to the prognosis given at his diagnosis.  I miss him terribly.


Daffodil58 posted in her older thread http://csn.cancer.org/node/294109 of her husband's passing. 

I wanted to open a special thread for her, so that we can share our love and thoughts at this sad time. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I lost my sister to cancer, and it is a terrible experience to have to go through.

I hope the passage of time, and your memories of the time you shared with your husband, bring to you a little peace and healing.


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So sorry to hear of your husbands passing. 

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Too damn young, and the aching aloneness that grabs ahold of you, is hard to verbalize even when you finally want to. Sorry Daffodil58, your pain resonates deeply with those of us who lost our love in similar ways................................Dave

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I am truly sorry that this disease has robbed you of your beloved.  I pray you find peaceful moments among your grief.

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