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Debra Jo... Heart

nempark Member Posts: 681

Hi Debra, I read that you had many heart problems.  I am wondering why is it taking so long for him to start walking. Also the Arm they removed the clot is not functioning.  He can squeeze my hand but he cannot straighten the fingers.  What I mean is that he cannot open and close his hand, he can only close.  Do you have any suggestions, if so please let me know.Just before we left the hospital they did another doppler on the arm and did not find any clots.  They did say that the type of surgery to the arm takes a long time to heal. Your thoughts please.


  • ConnieSW
    ConnieSW Member Posts: 1,578 **
    Not debrajo

    but as a former rehab nurse let me say things sound par.  PT's and OT's are wonder workers.  Because of his weakened state, things will be slow at first but as he heals and grows stronger, he will be able to work harder.  Give it time and do your best to keep his spirits up.  It'll happen.