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Darth Tumour

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Avastin is a wonderful anti cancer drug just out over the last couple of years. Taken as an infusion every fortnight it has absolutely no side effects whatsoever, it seems to have one teeny little flaw. Darth Tumour, leader of the Mets, has increased in size by a third.

In England this is what the queen would call 'A bit of a bugger!

So the little chap is turning into a big boy, and the Dark Side is in the ascendant now up to 6cm with his little Mets cheering him on all the way

So I'm carrying on with the Avastin and adding Novowhatsitlab as well

At least thats what I thought the dr. until Dr. Mrs Stomper waltzes in from a hard day saving the world and says 'Oooooooooh 2 monoclonalantibodies at the same time!' She then tells me she is  starting a trial on HIV related malignences and their treatment with NIvothingummyjiglab

I must get AIDS so I can be on her trial

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I'm so sorry Darth grew. I hope with this new approach he'll be tossed into a lava pit along with his ilk. May the force be with you and your doc!

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starting your day with a little monoclonal antibody. Your little buggers are resistant to treatments. I think that maybe a designer drug is indicated. First a biopsy to get some genetic material. Then some smart people can develope a one of a kind vacine specific to your tumors dna code. I think we need more aggressive researchers working on this. You are a pretty tough chap who has tolerated more than most could even dream of.

I also wish that they were more aggressive with surgery. Some patients have multiple procedures over years attempting to reverse damage from injury or disease. With zero chance of returning to pre-morbid staus. I believe that we are able to tolerate tremendous physical insult to our bodies. Every day we hear stories of burn victims, motor vehicle crashes, gunshot recipients, parachutists, and flesh eating bacterial patients who are alive after surviving massive trauma and operations.

So I say, Schedule a few hours in the O.R. and give a couple surgical residents a chance to hone their skills slicing and dicing out every findable met. We will heal. Doctors need to be more pro-active not reactive.

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Aww Footsie I am sorry for what you are going through.

Your humor, or humour, is a great coping mechanism.

Listen to our best survivor, Foxy. He knows so much!

But know I am sending you a warm, yummy, hug to hold you

together and keep you safe inside!

Warmly, Jan

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Ihope you're keeping well

As for Fox, I hang on every word

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They are using nivolumab off label arent they? They also call it opdiva.  What about Votrient, have you tried that one?  There are many, keep searching.. go down the list if you have to. All the best to you, keep that positive attitude, it is contagious!

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Presumably with a rusty spoon

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It has always been my perspective concerning cancerous tumors the best treatment is to cut them out,hope this new drug approach gives you a huge success on shrinking these bad boys

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Footsie we want you good for YOU, we want you good for US!  Keep the humor, keep that english "thing" I so wish I had iherited from my english gramps!

Im here hoping this new treatment is succesful.  Good vibes and well wishes going your way

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Stomps, I can't believe that Darth Tumor has had the nerve to grow more. But we all know the fate of Darth, don't we. I know you will continue the fight - consider us your light sabre!! Fight along with you, we must!

Foxy - I think you are on to something!

We all love you, Stomps.



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I feel a strengthening in he force. Thanking you I am

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