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Torisel and Xgeva

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Hi everyone,

We took my duaghter to Cleveland Clinic yestereday, and they agree that the Torisel and Xgeva are fine to start.

We will be doing so closer to home, with the oncologist who first diagnosed her.

Hoping to start the first of next week. Has anyone had any experience with either of these?

The Dr. at Cleveland first said Sutent, but that it would take about 2 weeks to get that started, and that Torisel

would be fine.... ??

Any input appreciated!!!!!

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I was on Torisel for 28 weeks in 2014 paired with Zometa - I had minimal side effects and it kept things "in check" for about a year and a half.  I am now on Opdivo and 7 doses in - I am doing well.  First set of scans showed things are "stable" so we are going on.  What subtype is your daughter?  I am a chromophobe.


Posts: 14
Joined: Feb 2016

Hi, I'm new to this...but I assume you mean that it's  clear cell? She was really hoping to be put on Opdivo,

But apparently she had to be on something else first? 

There is just so much to learn, it's overwhelming! 

Thank you for your response! 

This sight has been such a Godsend!





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