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John (OnePutt)

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It is with deep regret that I have to inform everyone: John Oneputt has passed away last week.  It was very sudden and unexpected as John was in good health regarding his cancer.  Alice informed me that it may have been a sudden heart attack. His doctors have also attended his services.  Alice is not in the frame of mind to make that annoucement and has told me that I can do so if I am able to.  I have no words except that I am so very sorry for John and Alice.  John will be missed.  Sending much love and comforting thoughts to Alice and the family. Alice has always been a great source of encoragement to us all, while she was a fantastic caretaker to her love, John. Love you, Alice!  XOOX

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ange. Thank you. This hurts. John had this chronic kidney thing under great control. Newer people won't know these friends of ours. But they were our close family. John and I were in about the same boat several years back. He was on the nivo trial with added votrient. He was able to continue living a very  productive life. His wife Alice is a sweetheart. Loved by all. They reached that plane of living life without the constant worry of cancer. It is what so many of us want. Peace John. I love you Alice. Fox.

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Fox, you are welcome! I was sad to make that post. But I felt that Alice can use all the warm thoughts and prayers from us all!  Love you, Fox!  We are always close family.

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Fox, You were always an inspiration to John.  And, as you mentioned on Smart Patients. John did beat the cancer. And he would have taken great pride in that fact. He was proud of his participation and response in the Nivo/Votrient trial. He, like you, thought of himself as a trailblazer in these new treatments and loved to talk about how his positive response would influence others diagnosed with late stage kidney cancer in the future. He hoped his response would give them hope and erase some of the fear that comes with such diagnoses. I  know you share those same sentiments.  Love you Fox. . .

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I remember John and Alice nice people so sad.

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So very sad to hear this news. Wishing Alice and her family peace. Rest in peace, John.



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Such sad news. Alice, we're thinking of you and John.

Peace and love, David

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but nevertheless feel compelled to express my condolences to Alice and hope that the embrace of friends can somehow ease the grief.



P.S.  Thanx for sharing Ange

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You are welcome, Donna. All my best to you!

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So sad, I really hate everytime we lose a member.

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Thanks Angec for letting us know. I am sorry for the loss of a man who has touched so many lives.

But my hope is that Alice feels his love and presence to comfort her.



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you are welcome, Jan. Praying for sweet Alice.  Love her so much!  xxoo

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I did not know John or his wife, Alice. From what I have read here, it seems like they are wonderful people. I will keep Alice in my prayers and also John, that he may rest in peace.

Sending loving hugs and thoughts to Alice.



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When I came here lost and scared Alice reached her hand and heart out,  my heart goes out to her, OnePutt was a warrior, he fought one heck of a fight with dignity, courage, compassion and heart with Alice by his side he was winning. Alice is everything a caregiver and friend should be she is a generous and loving spirit... I hope knowing how much Her znd John have meant to all of us gives some small measure of comfort at this heartbreaking time! Love and hugs always

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I am so saddened to read the news about John. Alice, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I hope you feel the loving arms of this community embracing you. Much love, Rae

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So sorry to read this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you Alice.

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My condolences to Alice... This is terrible..

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I am sorry that he was lost and even more so that I did not know him.


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Heartfelt thanks to my many CSN friends for your kind and supportive words.  You are an awesome group, and I not only read your support, I feel it. Thank you;  love you all.



(Angec – You are  the sister I never had. Thank you for holding my hand and squeezing through this heartbreak. We’ve shared way too many. . . )

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Aw, Alice, I am right here for you always! Keeping you in my prayers constantly!  Praying for the cure to finally be allowed to be used. It is out there along with much better options, other than chemo and radiation. One day, just one day, people will see it!  Until then, we are all family and share the sorrows and the joys!  Love you, Alice! XXOO Love all my CSN families...

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Alice just checking in here every so often- so sorry to hear about John. He kicked cancers butt. My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family. I have walked this road for 2.5 years and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Our guys will watch over us though until we join them at the heavenly banquet they now share with our Lord. Suzanne

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my condolences to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.  So so sorry   You was such a good care giver to your hubby   Thinking of you.    Sue

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I'm so sorry to hear about John.

My condolences, Alice.

You are in my prayers.

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