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VIN 3 and CIS

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Recieved this diagnosis last week.  Should be hearing from onocologist this week.  I am not calm and can't catch my breath.  I don't understand if VIN 3 is actually cancer.  And CIS - I can't focus.  My obgyn said one was cancer and one was precancerous.  I need more information.  This isn't something you can tell just anyone.  It's private but I really need to be scared out loud.  I hope the doctor can tell me more.  I will put together a list of questions to ask.  I'll bring my husband to the appointment.  I would love for someone who has been through this to talk to me.

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So sorry someone has not replied yet!  The Rare boards run slow.  I know you are afraid and have a million questions!  Sorry, I am from the uterine board and cant help you.  There are several ladies on here that know exactly what is going on.  Try posting on the uterine and ovarian board just to jog someones's memory.  We all jump boards here so give this board a chance and come visit our other boards.  You will be fine!  Best, Debra

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Hi I am 11 days post vulvectomy I was dx just 4 weeks ago and pretty much buried my head in the sand. I sure wish I had asked a lot more questions. Now I find myself searching on line for anyone who has been through this and can help...

mcplanet.... How are you? Have you been to the Onc yet? 

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vajayjay, mcplanet seems to have been on the one day and that is it.  

Vulvar cancer is rare, so I hope one of the women who visits can chime in to give you someone to talk to about your treatment.  If I can find anything out there I will pass it along so please check back.  

Be kind to yourself.  Hugs.

I see there is some info out of the UK:


This may be of help too:

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Thank you. Seems both the people I can relate with the most were each only here for a day :( 

i will keep watching and checking...

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I had a biopsy a month ago that came back squamous cell sarcoma. The path lab at the hospital where I am now being seen says that particular biopsy is VIN 3, so my gyn/onc is doing "extensive biopsies" on the two older lesions on Monday, with a plastic surgeon standing by to evaluate. 

How are you doing post-op now?

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Hi Kristinat....sorry to hear that and will pray for the best results for you. My surgery was Feb 8th and i am physically almost back to normal....still wearing a panty linner and have slight discharge but no real pain....emotionally I am still on that roller coaster but I think it's just hormones....damn hot flashes are so much worse now.

please let us know how your appointment went....sorry it took me so long to reply....I was out of town.

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