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So,mething some might want to consider (and act upon)

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"Single-lesion biopsy may be insufficient to choose therapy targeting resistance mutatiions"





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What I ponder is why, with a single lesion that they're going after to biopsy, is why don't they just take the damn thing while they're there. I know it's likely way more complicated then I understand, but just on the face of it, you're there, their there, it's there, just take it, if it's gettable. This might be silly, but I had a long, hard day and I'm too tired to sleep.....................................Dave

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Easy fix?

Dave, if they did that, how could they sell you dozens of shots costing thousands each?

I mean….. really!

Be well,


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If they're doing a biopsy it's typically a needle biopsy to determine if the lesion is in fact a tumor.  Doctors don't cut someone open to do a biopsy.  Even if you're in for surgery and they're in the general vicinity, the surgeon(s) may or may not elect to cut out the lesion.  Doing unnecessary procedures is actually pretty risky and something doctors don't want to do for numerous reasons.

In my situation, I was having laproscopic surgery to remove the T3 tumor in my descending colon.  I had 2 3cm lesions in my liver which were thought to be hemangiomas but my liver specialist was not quite sure.  He wanted to be 100% sure even though my PET scan came back with no SUV uptake in those areas (ie no higher than normal metabolic activity).  When they had my belly all swelled up with air he went in and did a needle biopsy which was immediately sent to the hospital's pathology department for evaluation.  Fortunately for me, both lesions were benign and deemed hemangiomas.  My liver surgeon could have elected to cut my wide open down the middle but elected not to.  He did tell me if it did come back positive, he would have to open up my abdominal cavity to do a resection.

So it's not just as simple as cutting someone open and cutting it out.

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