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Where to buy men's pants that you can wear with colostomy?

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Having trouble finding pants for husband, he is tired of wearing 'jogging' pants all the time.  Would like to buy blue jeans or kaki pants, but the waist cuts right in the middle of his colostomy bag.  His bag is kind of low, and is in a awful spot for clothing.  He would need pants with elastic waist.  Does anyone know places that sell the pants I need?

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I buy women's pants from JCPenny's and Macy's that work well.  There are several brands that cut the waist pretty high for women as far as slacks.  Jeans are harder and I always have to wear a tank top under my shirt to hide the bag with those.  Just the top of my bag sticks up in the slacks.  Are all men's pants cut low?  A good person to ask would be Laz.  I remember him discussing a similar problem and he is 2 years out so he must have resolved it by now.

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Thanks Helen for the reply.  It is a lot easier to find pants with higher waist and elastic waste for women, but men not so much. We are going to a dinner in a few weeks and he needs to wear something other than jogging pants! 

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The United Ostomy Association forum is a great source of information, and the guys there are just like here! Check it out:

The Ileostomy I had been bestowed with in 2012 is right on the belt line. I wear a fairly snug fitting waist size, perhaps one size bigger, and a belt that stretches (Pennys, or Walmart). It’s a standard “dress belt, with a buckle that’s fully adjustable, since the stretchable material is woven and the buckle’s pin goes through anyplace you need it to.

The positioning of it all being exactly on top of the stoma area has not been a problem. I use a two piece appliance (Coloplast Assura clickable), and the assembly offers some extra protection around the stoma.

Your spouse (or anyone else reading this) really should not have to change clothing habits too drastically, although the fears of doing damage can be difficult to overcome. At first (with this new stoma’s location), I wore pants a bit larger in size and used suspenders. I always felt “overdressed”, as if I was going to a wedding…. But jeans and suspenders ended up looking not-too-bad; kinda’ macho, actually!

I got tired of the hassle, and now the dozen or so pair of suspenders hang in the closet, and I’m back wearing what I had been for most my life.

The belt is exactly like this:  

Check out the Ostomy forum, and maybe try a slightly larger size pants and suspenders or a stretchable belt. It’s what works for most of us that have had Ostomies for awhile.

Best wishes,


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about the problem with men's pants.  I hope laz does chime in.  I found one  site online that sells pants specifically for   males with ostomies, but they're in the UK. Maybe you could contact them by e-mail  to see if they have any distributors in the US.


I hope your husband finds  something.

Grace- lizard44

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Mine is situated so the waist band of most of my pants goes right across where the middle of the appliance sits. I wear jeans a lot and dress pants for work. I find if the waist line is a bit higher it pushes down on the appliance and is uncomfortable. Mine generallys sits a good inch above the waistline of my pants, sometimes and inch and a half. I haven't had a problem with it.


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My husband wears pants from kohls with the adjustable waist.  I also buy up a size.  It works, though he typically wears a shirt on top..no longer a tucked in dress shirt.  Wears either a jacket or sweater to cover up the waistline. Haggar makes a nice dress pants with an adjustable waist too.

he also purchased a thing that covers the stoma.  can't remember what it's called and to be honest he only wore it a couple of times...$250!!  Ugh, just didn't work well for him, but let me find the link as maybe your insurance will cover it and it may be worth trying.

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Company is stomaplex.com 


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My stoma is at tha level of my belly button and if I wore my pouch the usual way my pants would devide it right in the middle. So 2 years ago I started putting on the pouch horizontally with the opening to the side. This has several advantages. The whole pouch is above the belt line so I can use the whole capacity. I produce a lot of gas and with the belt cutting the pouch in half it puffed up and started leaking. Having the opening on the side I just pull my shirt out there and can easily release the gas. 

I wear suites and dress shirts all the time and it works out great.


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Going in for surgery(Radical Cystectomy) on 9/6/17.  My question is this:  when you say horizontally does that mean across the abdomen or to the side.  My ostomy will be just to the right side of my belly button.

Thanks in advance



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I would look into varieties of Fanny Packs ... they come in many different styles qnd sizes.  I use a Fanny Pack for carrying a concealed weapon which is legal to do in Florida.  Sometimes I wear it outside of my pants and sometimes under my slacks.  No one will have a clue what hes  carrying

steve g
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I always wore levis for work so when the stoma came along I continued untill one day I rode a skid steer all day and that nite I was bleeding around the stoma.  The bouncing had pushed the belt into it so I tried suspenders, then the ridge at the top of pants did the same thing.  I then discovered coveralls with no belt and have worn them since and now is all I wear, a little concious at first but now think nothing of it.  I will wear a nice shirt  over them if we are going out and I think it will be more appropriate to look a little better. Dickies is the brand I buy, like the fit, down side is the color choice is limited. I'm into my 8th year of this and found that the ostomy has not stopped me from doing what I want, at 75yrs old age is more of a deterent, been self employed all my life and still work every day.   Wishing you the best.     Steve

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I have been always wearing tight slacks and dress shirts. What I do it put my pouch on sideways (horizontally) instead of down (vertically). Having the opening on my side makes it easy to quickly let gas out by just pulling my shirt out a little. Also since the whole bag is above the waist line The belt doesn't cut it in half so I utilize the whole bag capacity.

if you have additional questions email me.

All the best?


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