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Describe Shoulder and Back Pain associated with lung cancer

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Can someone please describe the shoulder pain and back pain associated with lung cancer!!!!?????   My dad and are waiting for his ct results and on pins and needles.  He has had a persistant cough for months, that antibiotics didn't even eliminate the problem.  He has had back pain for several months as well as pain in his right shoulder.  I would just like someone to describe the pain in the back and shoulders the way it felt to them.  I would appreciate any responses and as soon as possible please.  Thank you for your time. 

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Joined: Feb 2016

My husband described his back pain as a stabbing deep ache that was constant. He had no lung issues, just back pain. After doing a bone scan, they found mets to his bones including his spine. They discovered the mets before the lung cancer. That explained the pain he was having. I hope this is not your father's case.

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