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PSA 30

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Hi I'm new to the board here. I am a spinal cord cancer survivor and just found out my PSA levels today are 30 my Dr. Tells me that this is very likely a strong sign of prostate cancer (my father had prostate cancer 14 years ago and told me his PSA was 18 when his was diagnosed) I am now waiting to see my urologist for further testing. Can anyone give me any ideas of what to expect in the next few months?


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Welcome, Irish Chris.

Are you in Ireland now?  I went to Scotland many times in the US submarine service (Faslane and Dunoon/Holy Loch), but never to Ireland. We did transit the Irish Sea on the surface once and the guys got to look at the Irish coast, the most beautiful scenery I had ever beheld; second was Norway.

PSA NEVER, by itself proves the presence of prostate cancer ("PCa").   While some non-cancerous conditions, like enlarged prostate, can elevate PSA levels, 30 is objectively very, very high.  Neither does a very low PSA prove that PCa is not present; my PSA vbefore diagnosis never got above 4.6.

With a level of 30, I would expect a biopsy straighaway.  This is a little painful, but absolutley needed in your case. It is outpatient and takes less than an hour.   A DRE ("digital rectal exam") will also be done, if not already; the proverbial "finger poke."

Anything specific will have to awate biopsy results. If the biopsy is postive, you will get numbers telling you your Gleason Score, as well as the extent of cancerous iinvolvement. Scans are likely also.

Virtually all prostate cancers are very treatable, and most are in-effect 'curable,' although oncologists no longer use the term 'cure' in most cancer treatments.  I wish you the very best in this,



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I wonder why you inquire about the "next few months". I am on the run in the last 15 years, since found with a PSA of 22.4 (ng/ml), at the age of 50yo.

You may know that your risk for positive diagnosis of PCa is 4 times higher than most folks because of your father's PCa affair. In any case only a biopsy will reveal the “truth”, as Max comments above. I wonder your age. Can you tell us what made you to get the PSA test? Was there any symptom? What about the finger test (Digital Rectum Examination)?

The PSA level can become higher if one draws blood (for the test) after any activity that could "massage/influence" the prostate gland within the previous 24 hours, such as; sex the night before, hard stool, riding a bike or an horse or a tractor, strained abdominal physical training, etc. Urinary tract infection (UTI) or inflammation of the prostate also increases the "normal" PSA serum. Typically doctors recommend a protocol of antibiotics/anti-inflammatory (two to four weeks) before proceeding to a biopsy.

I would recommend you to discuss with the urologist details for a biopsy, because of your hereditary possibility for having PCa, (now or in another time in your life).
I hope it never comes but you need to be cautious.

If interested, you may read details about the diagnosis process and all the procedures involving PCa in this link;


Best wishes,



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