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Wound care today!

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I had my third appointment at the Wound Care clinic today.  My doctor was happy with the way the old port site is finally healing although I still have to go back again next week.  She put her little poker into the wound looking for puss pockets (hurt like h*ll) and didn't find any.  She talked to her nurse about changing the treatment but in the end they decided since this is working, they'll continue it.  

She asked if my blood glucose level was coming down and I told her it was but half my eyebrow fell off last week and my fingernails are really bad.  I also told her about my chronic diarhhea since chemo and she had me get tested for C.diff.  She said with the three rounds of antibiotics I took, the chemo and how my wound wouldn't heal, I'm a prime candidate.  I'm thinking it's because of the Metformin but who knows??  

I'm seeing the light at the end of the "wound tunnel" - I just hope that light is not on the front of a fast-moving freight train!!  LOL



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So happy that things are looking up!Smile But, what is C.diff?  Sandy

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It's the cause of constant diarhhea and can follow overuse of antibiotics.  I hope I don't have it but I've had chronic diarrhea since chemo started.  The upside of this is that I just keep losing weight!!




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Too funny Eldri, no train in sight , you are healing, happy to hear that, thanks to better care, this will be behind you soon.

Nuff love, Moli


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Finally! That port site will be a distant memory soon.

Stay warm up there in cold country. We are going to hit 80 today in my part of Florida. :-)

Love and Hugs,


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that you received this good news. You deserve it!

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Your train comment cracked me up, Eldri.  Love your spirit.  Happy to hear your wound is healing, now to get the rest of your body on track! :-)  Yeah, I know, bad pun...

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Finally the wound is healing!!!  That's great news.  I am hoping against hope that you do not have C.Diff.  That is a tough one, and you don't need any more tough things to deal with.


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