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1st Chemo Tomorrow

Red Corvette
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First chemo for my wife starts tomorrow. Port placement first, then taxol for 3 hours and 1 hour of carboplatinum. We are nervous, prepared, and happy. Nervous about side effects and happy to move forward and get this behind us. Thanks to Editgirl, NoTime, DebraJo and all the other great ladies here, we are prepaired. Protein shakes past 3 days, mutilvitamins and fish oil taken per naturpath, Some Claritin today, and we will be icing hands and feet plus scalp cooling(penguin cold caps) tomorrow. That's all we can do. Thanks again for all the great info and support for us newbies. It is appreciated.


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Sounds Iike you're prepared,  excellent.  One additional preparation I would suggest is a stool softener. Carbo/taxol causes constipation. (I believe most chemos do). I have found the prescription pills & powder are less affective for me than over the counter Miralax. Everyone's experience is different but I have found the first 3 days are the worst. Your wife might have all sorts of weird pains (I have) so pls make sure you've got something on hand for pain management. I have a saint of a husband like you. It's a true blessing.  Wishing your wife strength for her first infusion.

Red Corvette
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Joined: Jan 2016

Thank you Gardena. Yes chemo nurse said take a softener. Almost forgot. My poor wife, I'm like the chemo prep nazi having her take all this stuff! Hope it helps.

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i will be interested to see how icing head, hands and feet go for you. When I looked into it it seemed rather difficult and uncomfortable to pull off. If it helps, I guess it may be worth the trouble and discomfort (I hate feeling cold!) if you have a good outcome. As I understand it, the cold is supposed to be freshened up every half hour. My oncologist told me he never had a patient on paclitaxol who did not lose her hair, icing or not. So I am curious to see how things will go for you on that score.

I will say that chemo was not as difficult as I anticipated. Each third day following infusion I had terrible muscle and joint pain from my hips to my knees, but then it would resolve in two to four days and I would feel good until the next round (every three weeks). I never did get nausea which I was dreading.

Also, my port site was very sore for three or four days after insertion (I took heavy pain meds) but then I had no more problem and was glad to have it! My infusions did not start until ten days later.

Good luck on this next phase of the journey you never wanted to embark on!

Red Corvette
Posts: 107
Joined: Jan 2016


I'll keep you posted on the iceing program. My wife likes cold but I'm still bringing an electric blanket for her. She's a real trooper so far.

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First, let me offer your wife my prayers that everything is absolutely flawless with her first chemo.  I've done three so I'm a newbie also, but I'm doing it and am almost ready for my 4th.  I found the worst was neuropathy pain, not to be confused with perpiferal neuropathy.  I usually get it day 3 to day 6-7.  I second the motion for being alert to pain medication ahead of time.  Although I'm hesitant to take narco, and haven't taken over 1 pill each treatment, if I wasn't so stubborn I think it would help.  Other than that pain, I haven't had the nausea because I keep up with those pills, my appetite the first week is poor, but it improves so I usually only lose 5 pounds between treatments.  I try to get out as much as possible, I work, so that helps keep my mind busy.  Because she has you in her court, keep her occupied when she wants to be active, just hold her hand.  Oh how I miss my Don, holding my hand.  Anyway hugs, Nancy

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Lou Ann M
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Hoping everything goes well for your wife tomorrow and that you both have an easy day.  You remind me of my husband, so I know how blessed she is to have you.  One suggestion that you may have already heard.  Keep her hydrated.

Hugs and prayers for both of you, Lou Ann

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for an easy day tomorrow.  The first one is the hardest because you don't know what to expect.  You both sound well-prepared and that will help a lot.


Red Corvette
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Joined: Jan 2016

Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. You have no idea how much it helps. All ready to go, fingers and toes crossed!

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I hope everything goes good for your wife.  It sounds like you're doing everything you can to make it as easy on her as possible.  Let us know how it goes.



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Wishing you and your wife the very best tomorrow!  The first one is more fear of the unknown than it is hard.  They gave me a ton of steroids and Benedryl pre chemo, so I slept most of the eight hours.  My husband got bored so the next five treatments I went by myself, driving myself there and back a 4 hour round trip, so bring something for you to do, book, computer, movies(my room had a tv with DVD) and some snacks.  We have a lunch served to us over at M.D. Anderson and the guest can order also, but I hear this is not the norm.  Remember to ask what is going on, what's next, what are they giving her right then, anything to plow your way through the first time.  Take notes, keeps the nurses on their toes and the tecs also.  Let them know you are watching and recording EVERYTHING!  Doesn't hurt to keep notes since this is so new and you WILL forget!  Good luck tomorrow, keep her laughing,and keep her warm!  Some of the meds going in the vein/port can make you chilly !  Best, Debra(jo)

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