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4 months and 2 CTs on Votrient....results inside

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Results of my 2nd monitoring scan.

Stage IV Grade IV Kidney removed 9/1/15

Began votreient Sept 23

Last scan Jan 27


Continuing shrinkage/stabilization of major tumors. 

Lower Right Lobe


2x1.9cm Sept 15

1.8x1.6cm Nov 15

1.5x1.5cm Jan 16

Left Center Lobe

1x1cm Stable

Center Right Lobe

1x1 cm Sept 15

.8x.8cm Nov 15

.5x.5cm Jan 16


Remaining nodules stable with no evidence of new nodules.

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Your scans must be encouraging for you. 

Your post was of particular interest to me because I recently went on to Votrient.  I am also stage 4.  I haven't had a scan yet while on Votrient, but I'm hopeful, especially after hearing reports such as your own.

Thanks for sharing and well wishes for more good reports for you.


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Your report is promising and encoreging, waiting for next scan with more shrinkage.



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That is such great news and very quick response!

Today I pick up my first month supply for the Votrient blind study I'm participating in.

Very happy for you. Keep those positive results coming!


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Not just now, but also for the long run.

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