Renal mets to the lungs

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Hi, Is there anyone out there that had renal cancer with the removal of kidney and then about six months latter CAT scan found enlarged nodules and a right hilar prominence on the top right lung.  Waiting for results of biopsy and hoping that it is not terminal lung cancer versus mets from renal cancer.  Also had anal cancer 2 years ago that is now in remission.  They say the the chance of having 3 major cancers is low.

Would like to hear from anyone that has had naything like this.


  • PolishPrince
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    In 2005 I had 1/4 of my right

    In 2005 I had 1/4 of my right kidney removed because of Renal cell cancer tumor. In Mid 2015 I was diagnoised as Stage IV lung Cancer. They biopsied all areas affected and stated that the two were not in anyway related. They are and were two totally different cancers.

    I pray for positive news for you!